What Is A Cooking Party? Heres How To Host One This Weekend

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Tired of working hard in the kitchen to host a dinner party at home? Say goodbye to doing all the cooking alone by turning your get-together into a ‘cooking party’. Unlike a dinner party in which the host cooks the dinner before the guests arrive, a cooking party involves cooking together with the guests. The job then becomes less of a chore and more of a fun activity. It can be a learning experience for the amateurs while those with great knife skills can show off a little. Pour out some wine, taste the food as you cook it, and don’t forget to put on some vibing music. Sounds fun? Read on for some tips to follow for a successful cooking party:

Here Are 5 Tips To Throw A Fun And Delicious Cooking Party:

1. Invite A Limited Number Of People

Too many cooks can spoil the broth, well, literally here. For such a party that involves everyone in the kitchen, make sure you invite a limited number of people. Further, ensure that everyone who comes is genuinely interested in cooking so that no party pooper sits out and starts watching the television.

2. Make Sure The Weather Is Good

Cooking in the kitchen mostly involves working around heat. If you are hosting a cooking party, make sure the weather is pleasant enough so that you and your guest can enjoy cooking together. If it is too hot, make sure you have an air conditioner for everybody’s comfort.

3. Do Not Choose Complicated Dishes

If not everyone knows how to cook the dishes, it is best to cook simple yet delicious recipes so everyone can follow and contribute. However, if everyone is a cooking pro, you can try out the tricky recipes too.
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4. Keep All The Ingredients Ready

Now that you do not have to cook in advance, make sure you have all the ingredients and supplies ready. While many things can now quickly be delivered using apps, it is best to be a good host and keep all the required ingredients available in advance.

5. Arrange Fun Props And Games

Make sure it feels like a party and not a cooking errand. You can invest in fun matching aprons in quirky quotes and chef hats to make things fun. You can also get some fun pots, plates and pans so that your guests enjoy cooking in them. You can also plan some games like chits to draw that will decide the menu, or cooking face-off challenges by dividing the group into teams of two.
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