Samosa Or Not? Snack Filled With Paneer And Corn In Gujarat Goes Viral

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Samosas are among the most popular Indian snacks. These triangular treats can be stuffed with a variety of ingredients like spiced potatoes, meat, or vegetables. Recently, a viral video showed the making of an interesting paneer and cheese samosa in Gujarat. Priced at ₹ 440 per kilo, these samosas come in a square shape, different from their usual triangle form. Instead of the popular mashed potato filling, this one offers a unique twist on the classic snack. In the video, we see a factory worker handling large quantities of paneer, which is ground to a fine consistency. They then proceed to chop green capsicum and sweet corn into smaller pieces.

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After that, the workers mix the paneer with generous amounts of cheese, chopped capsicum, and corn in a large container, adding various spices for flavour. Once mixed thoroughly, the paste is transferred into a machine to further refine its texture. The machine then shapes the paste into small balls before the workers encase them in dough, shaping them into squares instead of the usual triangles. Finally, the samosas are deep-fried to perfection and are ready to be served.

Watch the video here:

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Instagram users seem rather unsure about this version of the classic Indian snack.

A user commented, “Samosa toh aloo ka hi accha lagta hai [We prefer the mashed potato samosas].”

Another stated, “It’s called Patti Samosa,” while someone else claimed these were called “Pizza pockets”

Meanwhile, a person stated, “Anything to do with Paneer is always a hit, Paneer can never go wrong!”

Another wrote that this snack is “found in Lucknow” as well.

What do you think of this variation of samosas? Let us know in the comments.

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