Watch: Bhagyashree Shares Healthy And Tasty Chana Recipe – Try It Today!

Bhagyashree’s Instagram is a treasure trove for food enthusiasts, offering a delightful peek into her love for all things culinary. Whether it’s cosy food-filled dates with her husband or her advocacy for the health benefits of greens like beans, her foodie escapades never fail to captivate us. In a recent post, the ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’ actress showed a mouthwatering preparation of chatpata chana that left us longing for a taste. She expressed, “Aaj bada mann kiya.. kuch mirch masale ki chatpati cheez khaye.. lekin jo swadisht hone ke saath saath healthy bhi ho [Today, I had a craving for something spicy, which is healthy as well].”

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The actress generously shared her recipe for making chatpata chana masala, revealing the steps for quick preparation of kala chana. She made sure the chanas were tender starting with soaking kala chana overnight and boiling them in salt water. She heated one tablespoon of ghee, adding jeera and hing, and sauteed the chana. Emphasising that ghee adds a delightful flavour, she proceeded to include chillies (or red chilli powder), dhania jeera powder, amchur, and salt. She enjoyed the dish piping hot, and the dish proved to be delicious, perfectly satiating her desire for a spicy treat. She also highlighted that this recipe served as her protein-packed meal.

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Take a look:

Her followers praised her for her culinary skills. One user said, “Your taste BHAGYASHREE, in preparing delicious dishes (very tasty food), is excellent, BHAGYASHREE.”

Another user wrote, “Wow, what a great thing, you have made such a delicious dish that I can smell it through my phone. very good Bhagyashree ji.”

“You are a perfect wife with a beautiful face and smile! Himalaya ji is the luckiest person,” a third user added.

Someone commented, “Tasty yummy. Bhagyashree you are still very beautiful.”

Would you like to try Bhagyashree’s chana masala recipe? Try it today!

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