Soak In The Winter Sun While Enjoying These 5 Healthy Snacks And Drinks

Whether you like or hate the chilly winter season, you have got to love sitting in the sun and soaking in the warmth during the late mornings or early afternoons. It is truly the best time of a winter day, and you can sit out on your balcony or verandah, head to the roof or go out to a park near your house. Along with making you feel calm and warm, sun exposure is also necessary to get your vitamin D. 

Many people enjoy sitting in the sun and chatting with their friends and family, making phone calls to dear ones, reading newspapers or books, and knitting sweaters. Along with these activities, there is one more activity that everyone loves — snacking! Here are some healthy and tasty snacks you can enjoy while relaxing and soaking in the winter sun.

Here Are 5 Snacks To Enjoy The Next Time You Soak In The Winter Sunlight:

1. Oranges

Oranges are the perfect fruit to enjoy in the winter sun. First, they are in season, so you can get your hands on the juiciest oranges. There is something simple yet magical about ripping into an orange peel while sitting out in the winter sun. The citrusy smell spreads in the air and the fresh orange tastes amazing and refreshing. 
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2. Peanuts

If not fruits, move to nuts. Grab a bag of peanuts and enjoy cracking open the shell and popping the crunchy, sweet peanuts. If you like peanuts, you’ll know you cannot stop at just one. Peanuts are considered warming in nature, making them an ideal healthy winter snack.

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3. Sugarcane Juice

If you love drinking freshly squeezed juices, winter is the perfect time to enjoy ganne-ka-ras or sugarcane juice, especially when the sun is out. You can find vendors selling this juice around your house. Make sure you consume it immediately and reap the health benefits of sugarcane while enjoying the delicious taste.

4. Revdi, Gajjak and Chikkis

This is the perfect time of the year for those with a sweet tooth to enjoy revdi, gajjak and chikkis which are made from jaggery or sugar, combined with sesame seeds or peanuts. While these sweet treats can be enjoyed any time of the day, they make a great snack while soaking in the winter sun or around a bonfire in the evening.

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5. Masala Chai

We cannot skip this beverage that is loved by many people, not just in winter but all seasons of the year. For winter-special chai, add some black cardamom seeds, green cardamom, cinnamon powder and freshly grated ginger to your regular tea. Sip and enjoy the winter sun!

Which foods do you love to eat in winter? Tell us in the comments.

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