Shark Tank India 3 Judge Radhika Gupta On Working Women’s Guilt: ‘No Mother Is A Bad Mother’

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Radhika is the CEO of the Edelweiss Asset Management.

Radhika is the CEO of the Edelweiss Asset Management.

On Instagram, Radhika Gupta posted a photo with her baby boy in her arms.

Edelweiss Asset Management CEO, Radhika Gupta, who is seen on Shark Tank India 3, often inspires countless young individuals with her insights on entrepreneurship. Radhika also stands as a steadfast advocate for working mothers. Recently, she shared a heartening message aimed at mothers grappling with the challenge of balancing career aspirations with the responsibilities of motherhood.

On Instagram, Radhika posted a photo with her baby boy in her arms. Alongside the photo, she reflected on the invaluable advice passed down from her mother, which read, “My mom gave me the best piece of advice on motherhood. She told me that no mother is a bad mother. You can be poor, rich, educated, uneducated, working, not working, but not a bad mother. No mother wants less than the best for her child.”

Accompanying the photo was a caption that read, “If you are ever feeling mom guilt because you’re stuck at work too long or took on a new project or even just took out time for yourself while managing a child… remember this!”

Previously, during an interview with ETimes about motherhood, Radhika revealed that being a mom can be chaotic. She believes being a mom shouldn’t stop you from trying new things, whether at work or elsewhere. She’s grateful for the support system that helps her manage. “Even as I am doing this press con, my son is here. When I was getting my hair and makeup done, he was in the suite and he spent a lot of time on the Shark Tank sets. He stayed with me,” she added.

Radhika Gupta is a graduate of the Management and Technology Programme at the University of Pennsylvania, holding joint degrees in economics from the Wharton School and computer science engineering from the Moore School. Currently serving as the CEO of Edelweiss Asset Management, she has played a pivotal role in the company’s growth and success. Radhika began her journey at Edelweiss as the business head of multi-strategy funds, where she spearheaded the formulation of strategic initiatives for the team’s investment, distribution, and platform.

She is married to Nalin Moniz, who holds the position of Chief Investment Officer of Alternative Equity at Edelweiss Mutual Fund. Together, they have a son named Remy Gupta Moniz, who will celebrate his second birthday in June 2024.

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