Aruna Irani reveals that she used to wear Mumtaz’s hand-me-down clothes; says, ‘She used to give me her old clothes’ | Hindi Movie News

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Yesteryear actors Aruna Irani and Mumtaz, who began their careers as child artistes, later went on to share screen space in films such as ‘Patthar Ke Sanam’, ‘Talaa’, and ‘Bandhan’. Eventually, the two grew close and became friends. The ‘Caravan’ actor used to call Mumtaz ‘Mumu’ affectionately. While taking a trip down memory lane, the 77-year-old actor recently disclosed that she used to wear Mumtaz’s old clothes.
During an interview with Zoom, Aruna said, “I had a very close bond with Mumtaz.She used to give me her old clothes. She would bring her old clothes from home and tell me, ‘Tu yeh lekar jaana (Take these).’ I used to alter the hand-me-downs as per my size and wear them. She was very good!”
The actress recalled an amusing incident and disclosed how eating bhaang by accident helped her perform her song ‘Yeh Dhuan Meherbaan Charas Ka Nahin Hai’ from the film ‘Charas’. “I had to appear a little charsi (intoxicated) in the song. A day before I was supposed to shoot the song, I attended a Holi bash where I had unknowingly consumed bhaang. I also ate sweets which made me more intoxicated. Dopahar ke baad chadh gayi (I was fully out of my senses by afternoon). I was laughing and doing all kinds of funny things,” she shared.
She was still hungover when she got up the following morning. But in order to shoot the song, the actor had to go back to the sets. “After seeing my condition, my mother fed me butter and suggested I take a cold shower. I felt better after that. Aaisa laga utar gayi hai (I thought I was alright). But the moment I sat in the car and the wind touched my face, I felt intoxicated again,” she narrated.
Aruna Irani remembered that she was unable to stand up and exit the car. She said her gaze shifted from the driver’s face to the car’s door. Upon rising, she quietly made her way to the make-up room, opting not to apply any make-up. She laid a towel on the floor and drifted off to sleep. She was awakened by her dance master Suresh, who instructed her to apply make-up and prepare for the shot. Assuring her that he would handle the rest, he advised her to keep her eyes wide open during the song. Following his guidance, she maintained her composure despite being under the influence of bhaang. After the shot was completed, a towel was laid out for her to rest. The actress revealed that she vowed to never consume the drink again after this incident.
The performer disclosed that although the song and her performance were well-received by all, it was the bhaang that helped bring out her ‘charsi’ side required for the sequence.
Aruna Irani was well-known for her incredible dancing skills. Throughout her successful career, she appeared in superhit songs such as ‘Mere Beri Ber Mat Todo’, ‘Chadhti Jawani’, ‘Nainon Ki Khichdi’ and ‘Ye Mera Jaadu’, among others.

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