Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar Recommends These 3 Foods You Must Carry While Travelling

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While travelling, carrying home-cooked meals tops the priority list. Homemade goodies – like parathas, theplas, and samosas— always add on to the travel experience. But, healthy eating should take always take priority. This is where carrying travel-friendly snacks can play an important role. To solve this problem, nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar has come up with three food items which we must carry while travelling, as per the latest video posted on her Instagram. Whether you are travelling to and from the office or going outstation for leisure, these snacks will be your healthy companion. 

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Here are 3 healthy snacks to carry while travelling:

1. Ragi Laddoo

First, Ms Diwekar recommends carrying a laddoo, especially a Ragi laddoo. She says it has millets, ghee and jaggery which will make sure that even if you don’t get any meal, you got yourself covered because of the millets. The ghee in the laddoos will also help in digestion and jaggery will make sure that even if you are not drinking enough water, you are not getting constipated. She says the best time to have these ladoos is between 4-6 pm. 

2. Nuts

Second, Ms Diwekar recommended carrying nuts. We can carry salted nuts but we should add the salt at home, according to the nutritionist. 

3. Dry Nashta

Lastly, she said carrying some kind of a “dry nashta”, which consists of a khakhra or chivda or something which can just be eaten dry. She advises eating these whenever we need to. 

Watch the full video here:

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The video has garnered significant attention online.

A user commented, “You had me at laddoos.”

Another user stated, “Sasta aani tikau [cheap and durable] n most importantly healthy.”

“Indian age-old snacks always come in handy. Suhali, nimki, chiwda, thepla, nuts, makhanas, muri,” a third comment read.

Someone shared that they always “carried dry fruit ragi ladoos n home made Chivdas” while travelling.  

What do you think of this? 

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