Mom-To-Be Masaba Gupta Gets Candid About Her “Pregnancy Cravings”

Masaba Gupta loves to eat clean. The soon-to-be-mom often leaves us craving yummy delights. Courtesy: her Instagram food diaries. Recently, Masaba conducted an Ask Me Anything session and she spilled beans about her “pregnancy cravings”. When a fan asked her “How’s pregnancy craving going”, the ace fashion designer-turned-actress revealed that she has been craving “nutritious food”. Masaba then added sometimes she craves cheat meals like fritters. The video shows Masaba enjoying her meal. In the clip, she can be seen relishing rice, daal, achaar, aloo bhindi, and palak. She can be heard saying, “It (pregnancy craving) is going very well, I have to say. I am craving a lot of nutritious food like saag and like fruits and stuff like that. But occasionally I am also craving pakodi (fritters).”

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Not only this but Masaba Gupta also advised her fans on how one can incorporate healthy eating habits. A fan asked Masaba Gupta, “I want to start eating clean and do some exercise at home. Where do I start from?” To this, Masaba suggested that the best way to indulge in clean eating habits is by consuming home-cooked meals. 

Masaba Gupta said, “I think eating clean starts with trying to eat as much home food as possible. If you can do that because I really feel that it helped me. And I feel that workout at home…you must start working out at home. What I did during COVID… I remember I got this app, and I think that if you have the intent, you will find the time. Even if it is 20 to 25 minutes. Whatever it is…just start at home. If you can’t do anything else, do 10 suryanamaskar…this is something that worked for me and it has been really helpful.”

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Masaba Gupta’s food diaries are all about wholesome meals. Be it vegetable-loaded chillas for breakfast or yummilicious soup, Masaba knows how to incorporate healthy eating habits. Earlier, she dropped a picture of herself relishing “asparagus soup” and “boiled chicken tikki” for dinner. Sharing the picture of her meal on Instagram Stories, Masaba wrote, “My back on track dinner. Healthy and yummy and no second helpings.” Read all about it here.

Needless to say, soon-to-be-mom Masaba Gupta makes a point to eat clean most of the time.

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