Netflix Could Bring Its Biggest Design UI Change For TV App In 2024: What We Know

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Netflix is planning for a big UI overhaul for its TV app this year

Netflix is planning for a big UI overhaul for its TV app this year

Netflix feels that a big UI change on the big screen could help users select their content faster and the tests for the new design have already started.

Netflix has millions of users who watch movies and their favourite shows on the big screen. The video streaming platform has relied on its consistency with the user interface for a long time.

But that could be changing very soon as Netflix is reportedly testing a big design overhaul for its TV app which promises to make it easier for you to select movies or shows. In addition to this, we could see the end of the left-sided panel which hides options like search, what to watch, screen settings and more.

Netflix is planning the design in an intuitive way so that choosing content on the platform is interactive and quicker for the viewer. The video streaming app realises that a bulk of its users are on TV so testing the new UI with select subscribers gives them a closer look at the needs and preferences of these customers.

Netflix New UI Changes For TV App: What To Expect

The first big visual change in Netflix for the TV viewers will be the new dynamic tiles that move and expand as you hover over them. This seems to have been picked from YouTube’s design interface and people might actually prefer to see more details about the content rather than clicking on them all the time.

The expansion of the content will also tell you the genre of the show, when it was released and more. We have seen other video streaming platforms try this style and it is certain that Netflix wants to join the fun. Netflix will be testing with a limited group for now and based on the success of the design changes, it will expand the tests to other markets.

While the platform is building a new UI for the TV app, it could soon start restricting the ability to watch Netflix shows offline to your mobile devices only. The new app for Windows users will no longer be able to download their shows to watch it offline. Instead, Netflix informs that the offline mode will only work on mobile devices once the new Windows app is released.

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