Google Offers Auto Dark Mode Option For iPhone Users: How It Works

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iPhone users are getting this useful dark mode settings like Android

iPhone users are getting this useful dark mode settings like Android

Google is gradually offering more useful features to iPhone users and having an auto enabled dark mode option is welcomed.

Google has made user experience a core principle throughout its development. It has time and again worked to make user interactions smooth, efficient, and easy. In a similar effort, the tech giant has recently rolled out a new feature exclusively for iPhone users called Auto Dark Mode. As the name suggests, this feature aims to enhance the user experience by automatically turning websites used via the Google app into dark mode. This addition comes as part of Google’s ongoing efforts to bring advanced features to Google’s Search Labs, but for iOS only.

The ‘Auto Dark Mode’ is designed to keep your browsing experience consistent by maintaining a dark theme across all websites you visit using Google. The Google Search Lab experiment ensures, “Stay in dark mode no matter what website you turn on. Turn on dark mode on your device to activate this experience so all the websites you visit match your app’s dark theme,” reported Times Now.

How to Use Auto Dark Mode

– Turn on the Dark Mode option on your iPhone. Note that this is a prerequisite for Auto Dark Mode to function.

– Open the Google app on your iPhone.

– Tap the breaker icon located in the top-left corner of the app, which will activate Auto Dark Mode.

Once enabled, iPhone users will enjoy a seamless dark theme experience across all websites viewed through the Google app. This prevents the abrupt transition between dark and light themes when switching from one website to another.

However, if you prefer not to use the Auto Dark Mode on certain websites, you can disable it easily by clicking the new sun icon that appears in the address bar. This will restore the site to its original theme.

Smartphone users must note that the ‘Auto Dark Mode’ is only available on the iOS version of the Google app and specifically for iPhones. However, the tech giant is planning to extend this feature to Android devices in the coming years.

In addition to the Auto Dark Mode, Google is testing other notable features like Talk to a Live Representative, Notes on Search, and AI Tools for Browsing in its Search Labs. The ‘Talk to a Live Representative’ feature will allow users to speak directly with a real person for assistance, while the ‘Notes on Search’ feature lets users add notes to their search results for easy reference. The AI Tools for Browsing consist of various AI-driven tools aimed at improving the overall browsing experience.

Other than this, Google is also working on enhancing Google Lens’ ability to accept additional context for image searches. This update will lead to more accurate and relevant results. Moreover, users will be able to streamline their searches by simply pressing the shutter button to record their voice and provide additional context at the same time.

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