Healthy Diet Tips: 5 Ways You Can Turn Your Burger Into A Healthier Dish

Burger is America’s favourite food but we love it just as much, if not more. A juicy burger provides an irrefutable comfort to our hungry soul, making it the comfort food for many of us. Sadly, burger is not considered a particularly healthy food and has a bad reputation for being high in calories. The best burger is laden with oodles of cheese, high-cal sauces and of course, crispy fried patty that is stuffed inside the buns. For our appetite, burger is a great food, but not so great for our waistline. But, before you shun this delicious food and pick up a plate of salad, you should know that you can still enjoy your favourite burger without worrying about your health. How? Keep reading.

Just like noodles or pizza, you can make a healthy version of burger at home. You just need to swap a few ingredients and alter the cooking method, and you can get a healthier burger that you don’t have to resist.

5 Tips To Make A Healthy Burger

1. The first thing that makes burger ‘unhealthy’ is its fried patty. Instead of frying, start grilling your meats. Opt for chicken or fish over mutton or pork, and grill them to male healthy burger patty. For a vegetarian burger, replace potatoes cutlet with chickpeas or black beans cutlet and bake it in oven or cook it on pan with some olive oil instead of frying.

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Grilled chicken is a better option than fried burger patties

2. Next comes cheese! What a burger would it be without those layers of soft, gooey cheese? If that’s what you are thinking, let us tell you that you’ve got to make some sacrifices to achieve your health goals, but not at a price too high. You can infuse cheesiness into your burger by adding milk to your cutlet and replace the cheese slices with hummus, mushroom sauce or yogurt dip. It’s not that bad, right?

3. Burger buns made or refined flour can be replaced by whole-wheat buns or buns made of oats flour or other healthier flours. You can easily find one in your local grocery store; or if have an oven at home, make it yourself.

4. There are better alternatives for condiments used in a typical burger. Discard mayonnaise, mustard and store-bought ketchup sauce; and use homemade tomato and basil sauce or pesto sauce instead. 

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Pesto sauce can be used to make burgers in place of mayonnaise and other harmful condiments. 

5. If you are missing the crunch in your burger, stuff in fresh and taut lettuce leaves or cucumber slices, or throw in some roasted crunchy seeds. These will not only add nutrition but will also enhance the flavour of your burger. 

Follow these easy tips to make a healthy burger that has everything you want – crunchiness, creaminess, lusciousness, juiciness, and of course healthfulness. 

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