Kevin Pietersens Name Misspelt As “Cabin” On Starbucks Cup, Internet Reacts

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Has your name ever been misspelt on a Starbucks cup? People often share hilarious instances of this mistake on social media. One such post going viral at present is that of cricketer and commentator Kevin Pietersen. The former captain of the English team took to Instagram to share a short clip of his coffee cup. Instead of “Kevin” the name tag reads “Cabin”. In the reel, Kevin laughs it off and embraces the new name, declaring “Cabin’s back” multiple times. Watch the video below:

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The reel has received 436K views so far. In the comments, several Instagram users were left in splits at the mix-up. Some used wordplay to make jokes on the same. A few shared their own experience with having their names misspelt on these cups. Check out some of the reactions below:

“When you go out with your friends are you, Cabin Crew?”

“It’s just payback from Indians for the countless amount of times that their names are misspelt (jk).”

“All hail lord Cabin Pietersen the king of Cabin Island.”

“It’s like my husband who is Marc with a “c” so he got Cark.”

“All these wonderful and funny names they put in to recognise the customer.”

“Now @kevinpietersen officially does not have to buy an airplane ticket for himself. He just has to pay for his cabin luggage. I, Kevin and my small trolley bag are both officially declared as ‘cabin’ check-in stuff. Bill us accordingly.”

Have you ever experienced a similar mistake? Let us know in the comments below.

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