10 Hidden Gems You Must Try To Experience The Taste Of Kolkata

Kolkata is certainly a foodie’s paradise. Every nook and corner of the city nestles different types of food joints, offering a taste of Bengal’s cuisine, culture, and rich heritage. In fact, today you will find something available to cater to every patron’s need. From the roadside tea stalls where people of different walks of life gather for chai, snacks, and ‘adda’, to the fanciest of the restaurants for a fine dining experience, the city has it all. In this article, we will take you through the streets of Kolkata to introduce you to some hidden gems, offering some of the most authentic foods for years. Read on.

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Food For Soul: 10 Classic Food Joints Of Kolkata You Must Try:

1. Pice Hotel Experience At Sidheshwari Ashram:

Pice hotels are the heritage of Kolkata. Derived from the word ‘paisa’ – the lowest denomination in Indian currency – pice hotel is a place that offers authentic home-style Bengali meals at a pocket-friendly price. One such popular name in the world of pice hotels is Hotel Sidheshwari Ashram. Situated in a narrow lane near the iconic Sir Stuart Hogg Market (popularly known as New Market), Hotel Sidheshwari Ashram was established in 1938. The almost 86-year-old family business is currently run by the fourth-generation family members Debjani Sen and Rita Sen. While you will find various options on the menu, what makes them stand out in the lot is the variety of fish recipes offered at the hotel. Besides, you can also enjoy the popular ‘posto bora (poppy seeds fritters)’ and ‘aam-er chutney (raw mango chutney)’ throughout the year.

Where: 19, Rani Rashmoni Road, Near Jan Bazar Masala Market

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2. Snacks At Mitra Cafe:

Satiating the taste buds of Kolkata with the best of the fish rolls, kabiraji, and cutlets for more than 114 years, this place was founded by Shri Sushil Roy in 1910. As per Kolkata food experts, Ganesh Mitra, a friend of Roy, gave him a space in Sovabazar to start the culinary journey. Hence, to inscribe that bond the latter named the place MITRA CAFE. Today, you will find multiple branches of the food joint across the city, but we suggest visiting the oldest one in North Kolkata to enjoy the essence of the bond the founder created between food and its patrons.

Where: 47, Jatindra Mohan Avenue, Sovabazar (main branch)

3. Momos At Tibetan Delights:

Kolkata and its love for momo and thukpa need no separate introduction. You will find multiple joints across the city, serving these delicacies at a very pocket-friendly price. One such place that has been ruling hearts for years is Tibetan Delights. Located in a narrow lane of Bhowanipore, opposite Elgin metro station, it is known to be one of the first places to introduce Kolkata to momo and thukpa. Earlier this year, this Tibetan eatery announced a permanent shutdown, leading to a storm on social media. So much so, that the almost 40-year-old food joint made a comeback in not even a month of the announcement. While the menu at Tibetan Delights is quite varied, we suggest trying pan-fried pork momos, dry chilli chicken, and chilli pork on your first visit to the place.

Where: 66, Chowringhee Road, Lane beside Lakhi Babu Gold shop, south of Suburban Hospital Road crossing

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4. Breakfast At Putiram Sweets:

This sweet shop, tucked in the bylanes of College Street, has been catering to people for more than 190 years. While most people resemble this place with delectable mishti doi and sandesh, what we suggest is trying out their exceptional breakfast offerings. From dalpuri, chholar dal to kochuri and torkari, this place offers a range of savoury items to thousands of college-goers who visit the area every day.

Where: 12A, Surya Sen Road, College Street

5. Sherbat at Paramount:

After a delectable breakfast at Putiram, take a stroll and stop by Paramount to wash down your meal with a refreshing glass of daab sherbat. Paramount, founded in 1918, has been selling just sherbat for more than a century now – daab sharbat being the most popular drink on their menu. According to multiple reports, the owners of Paramount state that the recipe of the drink was given to the founder by eminent Indian chemist and educator Acharya Prafulla Chandra Roy. He encouraged the founder of Paramount – Nihar Ranjan Majumdar – to sell this concoction at a pocket-friendly price. Since then, it has become a popular choice for people across Kolkata. You can also try raw mango sherbat, imli sherbat, rose sherbat, and more.

Where: 1,1, Bankim Chatterjee St, B.C. Street, College Square

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6. Kebabs at Dilshad Bhai’s Laziz Kebabs:

At the very first glance, this place will look like a hole in the wall with kebab grills in the front. Located in the over-crowded Zakaria Street, this very small eatery is more than a hundred years old and offers some of the best and juiciest kebabs in town. From gurda kebabs to malai kebabs and kheeri kebabs, you will find a range of delicacies, served with salad and chutneys on the sides. Trust us, it is a real treat for every food connoisseur.

Where:H9G4+HWW, Bolai Dutta St, Kolutolla

7. Brownies at Nahoums & Sons:

Tucked away in the crowded New Market area, this legendary institution was established by Nahoum Israel Mordecai in 1902. During this period Kolkata boasted of a vibrant Jewish community. It is, infact, deemed to be the last-standing Jewish bakery in the city, giving the ultimate culture trip on the very first sight. With the basic construction, glass windows, and vintage set-up, the place oozes old-world charm and remains a hit among every food lover in Kolkata. While there is a range of sweet and savoury baked goods to relish, we suggest starting it with flaky puffs, classic brownies, rum balls, and ginger cookies.

Where: F20, Bertram Street, New Market Area, Dharmatala, Taltala

8. Kosha Mangsho at Golbari:

Located at Shyambazar’s five-point crossing, this place has been serving kosha mangsho and soft parathas for more than a century now. It was established by the Arora family in the early 20th century and was originally named New Punjabi Restaurant. However, with popularity and the semi-circular architecture of the building, the name of the place later turned into Golbari. The dish, over the years, became popular across Bengal as ‘Golbarir kosha mangsho’. While this classic item is worth a try, we suggest having some meaty egg devil alongside, made with duck eggs.

Where: Acharya Prafulla Chandra Road,Shyambazar, Fariapukur

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Photo Credit: Dishant Bhasin

9. Sweets At Girish Chandra Dey & Nakur Chandra Nandy:

Bengal and mishti are synonymous and you will find hundreds of age-old sweet shops across the state, catering to the needs of their dedicated patrons. One such place in Kolkata that remains a crowd-puller is Girish Chandra Dey & Nakur Chandra Nandy. Established way back in 1844, the founder of the shop was Mahesh Chandra Dey. Later, the business was taken over by his son Girish Chandra Dey, who then passed it to his son-in-law Nakur Chandra Nandy. The place specializes in dry sandesh and offers a range of experimental and classic options that are sure to impress even the ones not with a sweet tooth. So much so that their chocolate, parijat, and mousumi sandesh made it to the wedding reception of Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai.

Where: 56, Ramdulal Sarkar St, near Bethune college, Hedua

10. Phuchka and Aloor Dom at Dakshinapan:

You will find a phuchka stall at every corner of Kolkata and we are sure, locals have their favourite joints too. But one that has been voted one of the best unanimously is the phuchka stall outside Dakshinapan shopping complex in South Kolkata. Beside the regular jol phuchka, what impresses the city are the meetha paani and aloor dom that the place offers. Aloor dom with chutney is a must-try at this place after a great shopping at Dakshinapan.

Where: Outside the main gate of Dakshinapan Market, Dhakuria

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