BSF Soldier Roasts Papad In Rajasthan Sand, Assam Chief Minister Shares Video

Our security forces, deputed at extreme corners of the country, often face harsh weather conditions – from storms to heavy downpours and more. A new video has emerged showing a Border Security Force (BSF) soldier roasting a papad on the sand in Bikaner, Rajasthan, in an extreme hot climate. The soldier places the papad on the scorching sand, covers it up and waits for a moment. The intense heat effectively cooks the papad to perfection. Subsequently, he uncovers it to reveal a cooked papad. Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma shared the video on social media platform X (formerly Twitter), and wrote, “Seeing this video from the deserts of Rajasthan fills me with immense respect and gratitude for our jawans who keep us safe in such extraordinary conditions.”

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The video quickly gained traction and over 40,000 views. Comments poured in, praising the soldiers’ dedication and resilience. One user wrote, “Army men always keep a country safe no matter the condition!” Another comment said, “SALUTE TO OUR BRAVEHEART HEROES: Even in this heatwave, our soldiers are performing their duty on the border.”

The commendations continued with sentiments like, “Only our soldiers can tolerate extreme weathers smilingly and serve the country selflessly,” and “Salute to our soldiers, staying in those climates just to keep us safe.”

Another user highlighted the harsh conditions of the heatwave in the state saying, “The western sector of Rajasthan from Ganganagar, Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Barmer is one of the hottest and toughest sectors guarded by BSF. The weather and isolated terrain are too rough. The BSF is the sentinel guardian of the desert.”

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Although sand roasting may seem unusual, it has been a traditional Indian cooking method used for years, even by street vendors. This easy and efficient technique is known for preserving nutritional content and reducing oil consumption. However, the now-viral video does not depict the traditional sand roasting method. Traditionally, a vessel of sand is heated over a fire. In contrast, the soldier in the video uses only sand, given how hot it is in Rajasthan currently.

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