Xbox Games Now Run On TV With Amazon Fire TV Stick: Know More

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The Xbox app games can only run on the new Fire TV Stick 4K and 4K Max versions.

The Xbox app games can only run on the new Fire TV Stick 4K and 4K Max versions.

Amazon Fire TV Stick is a popular device for TVs to help them connect to the internet and bringing Xbox games is a definite incentive for many.

There’s good news for all avid gamers and Xbox enthusiasts. Microsoft has now launched its Xbox TV app on Amazon Fire TV stick models. This means that gamers no longer require a console to play Xbox games. Users can now play games directly through the app via cloud gaming. To play the latest titles available on Xbox Game Pass, users need a compatible Fire TV Stick, an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription and a Bluetooth-enabled wireless controller.

To use this support, you will need to have the latest Fire TV Stick 4K and the Fire TV Stick 4K Max versions to be compatible with the new Xbox app. The app is also available on Samsung’s latest TVs and monitors.

For a better gaming experience, Microsoft has recommended a high-speed internet connection (Wired or 5Ghz Wi-Fi) with a 20Mbps download speed. The portal reported that Microsoft is working to enable users to stream every game available in the Xbox library and not just the ones that are included in Game Pass via Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Microsoft has been trying to expand the availability of its Xbox TV app on new platforms ever since it decided to scrap its plans to launch a dedicated cloud gaming console due to pricing issues. The app is also available on mobile devices, windows-10 powered PCs and select Samsung Smart TVs.

Amazon announced the availability of the Xbox app on the Fire TV Stick last month. This is the first time the Xbox TV app is launched on a device other than Samsung’s TVs and monitors, reported The Verge. “Over the past several years, we have been on a journey to deliver cloud gaming to more devices and more people around the globe. We are excited to add Fire TV to our growing family of cloud gaming devices and eager to welcome new players into this experience,” Ashley McKissick, head of Xbox experiences and platforms engineering, was quoted as saying.

In India, the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate currently costs Rs 549 per month. On the other hand, the Amazon Fire TV stick can be purchased for Rs 5,999. Reportedly, Microsoft is planning to increase the subscription fee from September this year for all users.

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