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NEW DELHI: Despite not being named in the new BJP-led NDA government’s list of ministers, outgoing Union Minister Anurag Thakur expressed his unwavering commitment to the party and its mission. On Sunday, Thakur reaffirmed his dedication to working as a BJP worker to support PM-designate Narendra Modi’s vision of making India a developed country.
In his statement, Thakur congratulated Modi and the newly appointed ministers, describing them as “very competent” and capable of making “every possible effort” to steer the country towards progress.The former information and broadcasting minister highlighted the capabilities of the new ministerial team, underscoring his confidence in their ability to drive India’s development.
Thakur, who was recently reelected to the Lok Sabha from Hamirpur in Himachal Pradesh, emphasized his identity as a dedicated party worker. “Being elected to the Lok Sabha for the fifth time is itself a great honor,” Thakur told reporters when questioned about his future role, particularly in Himachal Pradesh.
Reflecting on his journey, Thakur said, “The BJP has given me the opportunity to contest the Lok Sabha polls five times. There cannot be a bigger opportunity than this for me.” He assured that he would continue to serve the party and the nation with the same dedication, focusing on the country’s progress under Modi’s leadership.
“Our entire effort is to take India on the path of progress. All of us will walk together because India is important, the Modi government is important, and the country’s progress is important,” Thakur stated, conveying his optimistic outlook for India’s future.
Thakur expressed his belief in Modi’s leadership, confident that the country would reach new heights, potentially becoming the world’s third-largest economy. As he steps away from his ministerial role, Thakur’s pledge to remain an active and dedicated BJP worker reflects his commitment to the party’s broader goals and the nation’s development trajectory.

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