Wilde In Punjabi Bagh: Your New Go-To Rooftop Spot To Unwind On A Weekend

If you are looking for a spacious, breezy and exciting rooftop resto-bar in Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi, the newly-opened spot Wilde can be a good try. Whether you want a formal dining experience with your formality or go for a few drinks and good food with your friends or plan a fun date night, Wilde offers experience for all kinds of plans. While the formal dining space is enclosed within doors and a roof, the bar area on the rooftop is open and offers many seating spaces. For better or worse, I went to Wilde on a Saturday evening, when a Boho bash was organised and much of the management was occupied with the arrangements of the event. While I had my doubts about my own experience after witnessing all the pre-event setting up, the staff waiting on my table offered wonderful hospitality. Eventually, the live band played some wonderful Bollywood songs and the place had a fun vibe. 

Delicious Food At Wilde, Punjabi Bagh

This time I tried vegetarian food and so my first order was Crispy Lotus Stem tossed in sweet chilly, honey and sesame seeds. To my surprise, the lotus stems were very big, and the taste was delicious. A must-try!

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Crispy Lotus Stem Photo Credit: Jigyasa Kakwani

Another interesting item I ordered was the Rock Corn Tempura, with exciting popcorn on top, crunchy textures, great flavours and the perfect sweet chilly peanut dip. 

(L-R) Rock Corn Tempura and Spicy Vegetable Kothey Dim Sum

(L-R) Rock Corn Tempura and Spicy Vegetable Kothey Dim Sum Photo Credit: Jigyasa Kakwani

I also order the Spicy Vegetable Kothey Dim Sum, and as someone who inclines towards chicken momos, I have got to admit these dim sums were crafted with perfection, tasted wonderful and looked great too. 
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Lastly, I tried the Veg Green Thai Curry, which was impressive with aromatic and flavourful classic coconut curry and Thai herbs, served with steamed rice. Overall, the food presentation, flavours and textures were all good. 

 Veg Green Thai Curry

Veg Green Thai Curry Photo Credit: Jigyasa Kakwani

Exploring The Cocktails Menu At Wilde, Punjabi Bagh

I was excited to try the Soiled Water cocktail that I had seen on their Instagram handle, but unfortunately, it was unavailable.

I love trying anything and everything made using mangoes, so I had to try the Mucho Mango cocktail. The fusion of vanilla vodka and mango juice was interesting, though I would not call it my favourite.

(L-R) Mucho Mango and Koala Cascade

(L-R) Mucho Mango and Koala Cascade Photo Credit: Jigyasa Kakwani

I also ordered the Koala Cascade cocktail, which supposedly came in a gorgeous Koala-themed mug. However, to my disappointment, it came in a regular cocktail mug. The flavourful drink combined Bacardi Black with pineapple juice, lime juice and ginger beer. The flavours were good, though not worth a second round.
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A refreshing cocktail I tried was Maayan, a vanilla vodka cocktail with blood orange juice. If you love spicy cocktails, Wilde Picante can be your favourite, a bold blend of tequila, bell pepper cordial and tomato juice.

(L-R) Wilde Picante and Maayan

(L-R) Wilde Picante and Maayan Photo Credit: Jigyasa Kakwani

Finishing Off With Desserts At Wilde, Punjabi Bagh

The only vegetarian dessert option available was the Baklava With Cream Cheese –an exciting combination blending with burst-in-mouth sweet flavours from the Turkish pastry. Another Turkish dessert I was quite excited to try was the pretty-looking Turkish Rose Milk Cake (contains egg), which was delicious, however, a bit too sweet for me.

(L-R)Turkish Rose Milk Cake and Baklava With Cream Cheese

(L-R)Turkish Rose Milk Cake and Baklava With Cream Cheese Photo Credit: Jigyasa Kakwani

Where: 17A, N W Ave Rd, opposite Punjabi Bagh, West Punjabi Bagh, Club, New Delhi, Delhi, 110026

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