When Govinda confessed to having a crush on Divya Bharti while being married to Sunita: ‘I am still resisting…’ |

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Divya Bharti was an iconic figure and the highest-paid actress of her era. Known for her captivating charm, she had a mesmerizing effect on people, leaving them enchanted with her radiant smile and sparkling eyes. One of them was actor Govinda.
In an interview with Stardust, Govinda openly confessed his feelings for Divya. Govinda openly discussed his admiration for the stunning Divya Bharti, despite being married to Sunita at the time.Govinda expressed his belief in destiny, stating that whatever is meant to occur will happen. He admitted to having a fondness for Juhi and Divya Bharti, acknowledging Divya’s sensuality and the challenge of resisting her allure. Despite knowing it might upset his wife Sunita, he emphasized that he hadn’t succumbed to Divya’s charms.

During the 90s, Govinda, an iconic actor, was often associated with numerous actresses. In a Stardust interview, amidst rumors about his relationship with Divya, he discussed the prospect of a second marriage.

Govinda played a pivotal role in introducing Divya Bharti to Sajid Nadiadwala. Their first encounter happened during the filming of ‘Shola Aur Shabnam,’ where Divya was cast alongside Govinda. Sajid, who was collaborating with Govinda for ‘Zulm Ki Hukumat,’ met Divya through Govinda and was captivated by her beauty. Initially friends, they eventually realized their love for each other, leading to their marriage on May 10, 1992, in a private ceremony.

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On April 5, 1993, Divya tragically fell from her apartment and passed away at the young age of 19, leaving the nation in shock. Her untimely death remains shrouded in mystery. Sajid was deeply devastated by Divya’s loss and endured years of profound sorrow and solitude. He honored her memory by dedicating all his films to her. This continued until he married journalist Warda Khan. In a candid interview, Warda disclosed that Sajid still carries Divya’s photo in his wallet.

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