WhatsApp Redesign Chat UI For iPhone And Android Users Is Live: Here’s What You Get Now

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WhatsApp users on Android and iOS are seeing these changes now.

WhatsApp users on Android and iOS are seeing these changes now.

WhatsApp has been trying new UI design for a while and the latest update for Android and iOS users is giving them a new look.

WhatsApp is getting a new coat of paint, new user interface and more feature additions for iPhone and Android users this month. The Meta-owned platform claims it works on making the app simple, reliable, and private which feels like an extension of your phone.

The biggest visible changes in the design of the WhatsApp UI is the repositioned navigation bar where you have chats, updates and calls.

You would have also noticed the greens on WhatsApp have gotten more sharper while the attachment tray with the hidden WhatsApp features have been overhauled with new icons that are more rounded than before. Here’s a closer look at these changes for WhatsApp users.

WhatsApp says it has gone through 35 colour palettes before choosing the shade of green that we are seeing on the messaging app these days. For Android users, WhatsApp now has another version of dark mode which is darker than the previous option. WhatsApp claims the higher contrast is meant to reduce eye strain in low-light conditions.

You will have also noticed that WhatsApp on iPhone says Chat at the top, while for Android users, they will find WhatsApp written in green.

Right below that, you get the new Ask Meta AI or Search bar which is definitely an easier way to activate the AI chatbot for your queries or a quick help with food recipes. And finally, there is a new tab option for chats that are unread, all or from different groups for your account.

WhatsApp is also working on a host of beta features that want to make it easy to manage your phone’s storage, or take/end calls on the messaging app. You will also see big changes with the WhatsApp web version that has also got some new features, including chat lock folder on the desktop.

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