What Your Eating Habits Reveal About Your Personality

If you are sitting at a dinner table at home with family members or are out at a cafe with friends, you will notice that each person has a unique style of eating. Often, the way we eat is not built extra-consciously, meaning that a lot of our eating pattern and style comes naturally. If analysed, our eating habits can give insights into our personality type. Curious? Here are some common eating habits based on speed and food preferences. Pick the one you relate to the most and find out what it says about you!

Here Is What Your Eating Style Says About Your Personality:

Based On Speed:

We all know that one person (or you could be the one), who is always the last one to finish their meals. Slow eaters usually relish each bite of their food and seriously consider the “break” in a lunch break. For them, it is a time to enjoy a good meal, catch up on some gossip or their favourite show, and feel rejuvenated. Eating at a fast speed seems tiring to them. When it comes to their personality, slow eaters are confident in their abilities and do not believe in showing off. They like to be in control or leadership positions. They need me-time or they will feel burned out.

Fast eaters are the ones who are often quick to finish their meal while the rest of the people are halfway through their meal or are still putting food on their plate. Coming to their personality, these people are often ‘hungry for more’ in life, which can also be seen as being ambitious as well as action-oriented. They value their time but may lose out on the little joys of life in their race to have it all.

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Based On Food Preferences:

This person is always curious to try new foods they have never eaten before. They find eating as a fun activity, where they are willing to explore, take risks and have a good time. They may also be the ones trying out bizarre food combinations that no one would have imagined. Talking about their personality, these people are adventurous and big-hearted. They are a firm believer in ‘YOLO’ and want to live their life to the fullest. They are not afraid to step out of their comfort zone.
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The picky eaters are quite particular about the foods they like and dislike. If you know them well, you can name the few foods that they eat whenever you go out. They are also quite particular about the recipes of the dishes they like, and would not tolerate any more experimentation with these foods. Personality-wise, picky eaters are quite clear-headed in life. They already know what they want for themselves and have no interest in spending time thinking, wondering and over-planning. 
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Does your eating style match with the personality traits revealed? Share your results in the comments section.

Note: This article is for entertainment purposes only. While it explores how food habits might reflect aspects of personality, the associations are not scientifically validated assessments.

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