Watch: Kanpurs Ice Cream Factory Video Raises Eyebrows Over Hygiene On Social Media

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Ice cream lovers, beware! A video circulating on Instagram has sparked a conversation about hygiene standards. A clip, reportedly from a shop in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, features a vendor making what appears to be orange popsicles. However, viewers are more focused on the preparation process than the end product. The video, shared by Humbhifooodie | Kanpur (@humbhifooodie) on Instagram, opens with the vendor in a workshop-like setting. He begins by pouring orange syrup into a popsicle mold. Next, he adds milk and places the mold in a freezer. The caption claims these are then sold for Rs 10 each.

Social media users have expressed concerns about the hygiene practices shown in the video. A user wrote, “Never buying a local brand again.”

Sharing how parents used to ask us not to have ice cream from local shops, another added, “Parents sahi bolte the sewer paani se banta hai. [Parents were right. They use sewer water.]”

Echoing a similar sentiment, a person said, “Mummy was right.. sewer ka pani use karte hai ye log. [They clearly use sewer water.]”

“Inko plastic mug or Asian paint ki balti me hi sab bnana hota hai. [Why on Earth do they prepare everything in a plastic mug and paint buckets?],” a comment read.

Some were quick to add that this is the “most unhygienic thing” on the Internet today.

Pointing at the tray, a person said, “The ice cream tray is so dirty. unhealthy as well.”

Meanwhile, a user tried to crack a joke. “Haha everyone becomes hygienic now these people in school eat all this.”

A few called it an “Indian immunity booster.”

A foodie said, “My fault, I watched this reel.”

In the middle of this, a person claimed, “Watching this while eating the same.”

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