Watch: Comedians Hilarious Reaction To Viral Fruit Chai Has Left The Internet In Splits

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Many people are open to experimentation when it comes to food, and enjoy trying new food combinations. However, certain foods and drinks are too perfect in their original sense, and experimenting with them is just wrong. We are talking about our beloved chai that so many people drink to begin their day and unwind in their evenings. Chai is perfect in solitude or company, for a busy schedule or free time, for a cold or even a hot day. So, when the viral ‘fruit chai‘ trend rose, mixing pieces of cut fruit in milk tea, chai lover comedian Rahul Dua could not help but react.

Taking to his Instagram handle, the comedian posted a reel reacting to the viral fruit chai trend. The reel has clocked more than 1.8 million views and the comments section is flooded with reactions in agreement with Dua.
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In the clip, the comedian first expresses his shock at being unable to understand what is this ‘fruit chai‘. He observes the cooking video checking all the ingredients being added — water, tea leaves, sugar, grated ginger and then is shocked with the following ingredients — chopped apples, bananas and grapes! What follows next are some hilarious comments, questioning such bizarre food experiments.

Take a look:

Several internet users also voiced similar sentiments in the comments section:

One wrote, “Perfect example of “Kaun hai yeh log? Kaha se aate hai yeh?” [Perfect example of “Who are these people? Where do they come from?”]

Another added, “Chai ke sath ched chad bardash nhi ki jayegi.” [Messing with tea will not be tolerated]
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“I am a chai lover and fruit chai scares me,” a third one shared. A keen observer mentioned, “Mujhe pehle hi shaq ho rha tha kuch to gadbad hai….jis tarike se usne nonstick pan me chai banana start kia.” [I was suspicious from the beginning after seeing them preparing tea in a non-stick pan]

What are your reactions to this viral fruit chai trend? Share your views in the comments section.

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