Viral Video About Hard To Resist Grapes Has More Than 96 Million Views

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Food cravings can be quite hard to resist. In certain circumstances, we find ourselves unable to stop eating a particular food because it’s too tasty. Recently, an Instagram reel on one such craving has gone viral, clocking more than 96 million views. In the video by digital creator @avinashgs_official, we can see the vlogger keeping a bowl of grapes in the fridge. Note that the grapes have been separated from the bunch and the stems have been removed. The vlogger is seen almost closing the fridge, before he is tempted to pick up a grape from the bowl.

After popping one into his mouth, he begins to close the fridge again. However, the craving seems to have strengthened now. He pops yet another grape into his mouth. But this doesn’t satiate him. Next, he picks up three grapes at once and relishes them. Finally, he decides to take the entire bowl out of the fridge. Watch the complete viral video below.

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The reel was first uploaded near the end of Februrary 2024. Since then, it has received a lot of interest online. Many Instagram users have found it highly relatable and have flooded the comment section with their reactions. Swiggy wrote, “Aye hey raha nahi jaata,” making a reference to how irresistible the bowl of fruit can seem. Read some of the other comments below:

“I’ve never felt this attacked by a video before.”

“Mai rat ko Khata tha ye sab jab ghar ke sab log so jate the.”

“Ye meri baat instagram par leak kisne kar di.”

“I am watching this while eating grapes.”

“This is Reality.”

“The same thing happens with chips.”

Before this, comedian Gaurav Kapoor’s reel about the kind of cravings that hit after eating healthy had gone viral. His hilarious segment includes instances such as ordering a veg Manchurian with noodles that are specifically made of maida, “after eating millet noodles once”. Farah Khan also reacted to the viral video. Check out the full story here.

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