Viral: This Babys Reaction To Peanut Butter And Banana Toast Will Melt Your Heart

Some children are fussy eaters and are not excited with the idea of food. Then, some little foodies have the most adorable reactions to trying out new foods. A viral video is circulating on Instagram of a baby girl trying a peanut butter and banana sandwich for the first time. The clip is super adorable and has clocked 2.7 million views. The video has been posted by the parents – Joey and Cynthia Dionne – on their Instagram handle @joeyandcynthia.

The video starts with the baby girl sitting on the kitchen counter with her mom standing next to her. Showing the toast, her mom tells the baby, “I wanna see if you like this. It is different from peanut butter and jelly. Take a bite.”

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Photo Credit: Instagram /joeyandcynthia

The little one takes a bite and with happiness across her face, says, “Mmm, good.” What caught the viewer’s attention the most was when later the mom points out that they forgot to pray before eating, and the child quickly puts her toast back on the plate. A viewer mentioned in the comments section, “Omg when you said y’all forgot to pray. I’ve never seen a baby so aware of that; she immediately puts the food down.” Another added, “That little amen with a mouth full of food, she is adorable.”

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Photo Credit: Instagram /joeyandcynthia

The mother-daughter ‘clink’ their toasts together, the baby says “cheers,” and they bite into their yummy toasts.
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Here are some sweet reactions to the video in the comments section:

“She’s such a vibe,” an Instagram user wrote. Another added, “I just became a new follower because this little girl is adorable.” One wrote, “So adorable! And that’s my favorite kind of toast too.”

A new mom shared her experience, “I had a pregnancy craving for peanut butter banana sandwiches, and it’s now my 12-month-old’s favourite food for snack/lunch.”
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