Viral Now: Snoop Dogg Reacts To Khaby Lames Video On Picking Donuts From Hot Oil

Donuts have earned a global fanbase. These deep-fried round treats come in multiple flavours such as glazed, cake, jelly, frosted, and cider. With thick, syrupy fillings inside, an exterior coating, and toppings of sprinkles, gems, and nuts, saying no to this sugary delight is a tough task. Recently, TikTok sensation Khaby Lame shared a donut-making video on Instagram that left the internet in splits. Known for highlighting silly endeavors in his short clips and replacing them with easier methods, Khaby’s latest food clip has also caught the attention of rapper Snoop Dogg.

The video opens with a chef making donuts. In a boiling-hot metal pan filled with water, a pile of these delectable sweet treats was being cooked. From the rising steam, it was evident that the pan was extremely hot. In such cases, cooks usually use a tool called a sieve to drain out the water, collect the food, and place it in another container. But to everyone’s shock, the person preparing the donuts dipped their bare hands into the steaming water-brimmed pan, took out the donuts, and kept them in a separate tray. Take a look:
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Khaby Lame, as always, came to the rescue. With his hilarious expressions, without saying a word, he demonstrated several ways to take out the donuts, using sieves, tongs, dotted spatulas, and other sifters. His comically informative message was a winner. “Brother, I am really worried about your hands,” he captioned, to which Snoop Dogg wrote, “Same,” sharing the video on Instagram.
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Fans flooded the comment section with reactions. “It could all be so simple, but you’d rather make it hard,” opined one person. Another pointed out Khaby Lame and Snoop Dogg’s “unexpected crossover”. A user concerned for the chef wrote, “Hands gotta be Teflon by now. Looking for an ointment to send him now.” “That’s my mama’s hands,” joked someone else. A user wondered, “Are his hands made of steel or what?” A fan confessed that they “audibly just gasped” after watching the clip.

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