Unacademy CEO Gaurav Munjal Calls Bengaluru ”Best City In India”, Divides The Internet

Unacademy CEO Calls Bengaluru ''Best City In India'', Divides The Internet

He said that everyone he had met recently wanted to move to the city.

If you are an active social media user, you must have come across several posts debating the merits and the demerits of Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru. The three metropolitan cities each have a loyal fan base, and tweets discussing their livability often go viral. Recently, Unacademy CEO Gaurav Munjal sparked a debate on X after he referred to Bengaluru as ”India’s best city” and said that everyone he had met recently wanted to move to the city. He also said that Bengaluru should be the only city that entrepreneurs and founders should consider while thinking of starting their own companies. 

”Everyone I meet these days wants to move to Bangalore. Best City in India. And the only place you should be if you’re thinking of starting a Company,” the tweet by Mr Munjal read.

See the tweet here:

The tweet has sparked mixed reactions X. While many agreed with Mr Munjal’s statement, others highlighted the negative aspects of the city, including water shortage, traffic issues and so on. 

One user wrote, ”Bangalore does have that magnetic pull, doesn’t it? With its vibrant startup culture and dynamic environment, it’s definitely a top choice for entrepreneurial ventures.”

Another commented, ”Not even starting a company, if you want non-linear outcomes in your career, BLR is the place with the highest probability!”

A third stated, ”Its robust infrastructure, talent pool, and cosmopolitan culture foster innovation. The city’s pro-business policies and vibrant entrepreneurial spirit make it an ideal launchpad for new ventures. Moreover, its pleasant weather throughout the year aids productivity.”

However, a fourth user said, ”Opposite situation here, everyone I know wants to get out of Bangalore.”

”It’s digital era why not move out engineer talent out to peaceful tier 2 city where they can get better and cheap food and stay. Keep marketing/sales team in such cities?”, added a fifth. 

Yet another disagreed saying, ”Literally the worst. Only gud if u have a lot of money. Extremely high rent, water issues, transport issues. If u r not living in prime areas then be prepared to get stuck in traffic fr hrs where the cab driver won’t even turn on the AC + only god can hlp u when it starts raining.”

This is not the first time he has praised the city. He had previously urged entrepreneurs to come to Bengaluru if they were serious about making it big in the startup industry.

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