Truecaller Will Let AI Tech Answer Those Pesky Spam Calls In Your Voice: How It Works

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Truecaller is working with Microsoft to bring the new premium AI calling tech

Truecaller is working with Microsoft to bring the new premium AI calling tech

The AI assistant will answer calls for you so that you don’t have to pick up the pesky spam calls that is a sheer waste of time and energy.

AI will soon become a boon for millions of smartphone users. What if there is an app that can mimic your voice and end up taking calls on your behalf? That’s exactly what platforms are working to give the consumers. Truecaller has introduced a new feature that will allow its ‘subscribed’ users the option of using its AI-powered assistant to answer calls in their own voices. This breakthrough was announced after a collaboration with tech giant Microsoft’s Personal Voice technology, which came into effect as part of Azure AI Speech.

This feature is only available to the paid users, who can replicate the voice of the users, make responses to calls, or greet them. Apart from that, it will also give system-generated call options in the voice of the user.

Truecaller’s AI-powered assistant was first unveiled back in 2022 and has many other features, like screening unknown calls, taking messages, responding on behalf of users, and even recording conversations. In order to activate it, users will have to record a brief script and then give consent for the application to create its replica. Once it has been set up, the AI feature will use this recorded voice for answering calls.

Even though Truecaller will give multiple options to edit the greetings, there are limited options to customise personal voices. This is mainly to ensure that it is clear that the voice is a digital version. However, users can still edit the tailored responses as per their preference.

In order to ensure transparency and authenticity, Azure AI Speech’s personal voice feature includes a watermark on speech outputs, detectable by a tool to identify synthetic audio. Currently, this technology is available only through limited registration-only access.

Truecaller plans to launch this personal assistant voice feature in the coming few weeks in countries like the US, Canada, Australia, South Africa, India, Sweden, and Chile.

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