Truecaller AI Call Scanner Can Help You Prevent Voice Call Scams: Here’s How To Use

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AI voice calls have become a problem and this app wants to help you fight it

AI voice calls have become a problem and this app wants to help you fight it

The caller ID app lets you enable the feature while the call is going on and only available if you have the premium version.

With the extensive usage of smartphones and the advancement of technology in today’s digital-centric world, AI-based voice call scams are soaring and have become a big issue across the globe. To tackle the menace and prevent users from getting scammed, Truecaller claims it has the best weapon, an AI call scanner. As the name suggests, this feature will scan and help users identify these scam calls using its AI-powered technology.

AI voice scams involve using artificial intelligence to mimic human voices and trick people into giving away money. These scams started appearing around 2019 with the rise of deepfake technology. Scammers take voice samples from social media and use AI to clone the voice, which is further used to call and cheat a person’s family.

The AI Call Scanner developed by caller ID platform Truecaller fights these scams by identifying AI voices during a call. The AI analyses the voice briefly and quickly determines if it is human or computer-generated. Upon verification, users receive instant feedback with a message indicating ‘AI Voice Detected’ or ‘Human Detected.’

How To Enable AI Call Scanner

– Set Truecaller as your main calling app.

– Tap ‘Start AI Detection’ when you receive a suspicious call.

– Upon clicking, the call will pause briefly while the AI records and analyses the voice.

– An ‘Analysing…’ message will appear during the verification process.

– Once done, you’ll get an immediate on-screen notification indicating whether the voice is AI or human.

You need to upgrade to the latest Truecaller version, 14.6, on Android to use the AI Call Scanner. The platform will understandably pack this AI feature within its premium model, and includes a free trial. Currently, this update is only coming for the Truecaller users in the US, with the chances of India and other countries getting it in the coming months.

In addition to this new update, the caller ID platform Truecaller recently announced that it had crossed over 400 million active users per month. This indicates the growing need for solutions to combat unwanted scams and communication.

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