This Viral Video Of A “Flower Toast” Will Leave You Mesmerised

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The taste of food is important, but the presentation plays an equally crucial role in our dining experience. We often find ourselves more drawn to dishes that are visually appealing and stimulate our senses even before we take the first bite. The saying “we eat with our eyes first” holds true, as the sight of a beautifully plated meal can instantly increase our desire to dive into it. A well-presented dish not only looks enticing but also suggests attention to detail and care in its preparation. In today’s social media-driven world, where sharing food photos is very common, the way dishes look has become increasingly important, like this new flower toast we have recently come across.
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A video making rounds on Instagram shows a bohemian artist making flower toasts, giving viewers a visual treat. The artist (foxytrash) begins by taking a slice of bread, removing the crust, and flattening it with a rolling pin. Using a heart-shaped cutter, the artist cuts out heart-shaped pieces of bread and creates leaf shapes with scissors. She then rolls a heart-shaped piece into a round shape and overlays it with another heart-shaped piece, repeating this process layer upon layer to form a rose-like shape. The artist attaches the rose to a new slice of bread, adds leaves, and uses a knife to create branch-like patterns on the bread. After assembling everything onto a fresh slice of bread, she applies butter and toasts the creation in an oven, finishing it off with a layer of jam. The result is a visually stunning flower toast, ready to be served. The caption read, “Flower toast. A delicious and cute idea for your next breakfast. I baked the toast in the oven, not in a toaster.”
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Take a look at the video here —

People online are mesmerised with the process, as well as the outcome. 

A user commented, “What a neat idea! I didn’t know you could turn heart shapes into rose petals. How does it stick to the corner? Honey, maybe? Or is the sugar enough to kind of glue everything down?”

Another user added, “This is so incredibly cute. I’m hosting a Tea Party/Brunch next month and this will be a cute addition. Thank you for sharing this.”

“Omg this looks so beautiful and delicious,” read a comment, while someone else added, “Wow this is super cute.”

A user quipped, “This is so cute !!! I must try this! Be super fun to eat it in a greenhouse while having tea.”

What do you think of this video?

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