THIS is the top skill companies are looking for while hiring employees

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With the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and increasing job cuts, hiring new employees has become all the more tricky. In the fast-evolving workspace, new research by ADP asked various employers and companies about what essential skills they are looking for in employees while hiring them. And, having strong work ethics emerged at the top skill most companies are looking for while hiring.However, it is also quite hard to find, many employers said.
For the research, ADP had surveyed over 1,500 business owners, leaders and hiring managers in 2024 and asked them about their priorities when hiring people.
It is noted, as per the research, that employees who have strong work ethics often also have other important soft skills like punctuality, efficiency and time management. They are also organised and are willing to do the extra work to get the job done. This shows that even when AI and technical skills are much in demand at the workspace, it is soft-skills that ultimately are the most sought-after skills when it comes to hiring.
While working employees can develop and hone the skill of having work ethics on the job and through experience, freshers too can get an edge over others by exhibiting this quality at the workplace. Explaining this, Tina Wang – division vice president of HR at ADP, told CNBC Make It, “You can teach specific technical skills needed for a job, but if a new hire comes in on day one with some of these behavioural skills, teaching those technical skills becomes much easier, effective and more fruitful.”
Other soft-skills needed at the workplace
Employers and managers often need people who are dependable and would do the job, no matter what. And so, being a people pleaser and diligent at work is something that most employers appreciate. Apart from these skills, people who have a positive mindset, are able to have a work-life balance, and those who are efficient and go-getters are often given more opportunities at work that the others. Effective communication is also an important skill set which is much needed at the workplace– be it for junior level work or leadership roles.

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