Solar Eclipse April 2024: Capture On Your Smartphone Using These Pro Tips

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Smartphone cameras are more than capable of letting you take photos of solar eclipse

Smartphone cameras are more than capable of letting you take photos of solar eclipse

Solar Eclipse 2024 is happening in April 2024 but only some countries will be able to see the natural spectacle, use these phone camera tips to get the best photos.

Natural phenomenas like Solar Eclipse come after a long time and when they do, people are mesmerised by the beauty of this spectacle. The Solar Eclipse April 2024 promises one more chance to view the Sun and Moon showing their power. Experts say you shouldn’t try to watch an eclipse with your naked eye but what if the smartphone can become your eye and capture the moment for you? That’s right, smartphone camera these days have evolved so much that capturing a Solar Eclipse is not impossible, yes, there are big challenges, but nothing that few expert tips cannot help you get the best results.

Solar Eclipse April 2024: What We Know

On April 8, 2024, the world, at least, some of them will get a chance to view the Solar eclipse but most of them situated in the Northern part of America will be the lucky ones. The whole event will span across 4 hours, starting late on Monday evening around 9:00 PM IST but the main position will happen for just over 4 minutes which is enough for people to capture some photos. Follow these tips to capture the solar eclipse April 2024 in the best possible way:

Protect Your Eyes And Your Gear

Remember your parents asking you to avoid going out while a Solar Eclipse in taking place? Well, turns out, they were right considering the UV rays during a solar eclipse can harm your eyes and skin, ergo, ensure that your wear polarized sunglasses, sunscreen and if possible, cover yourself fully.

Just like your eyes, the camera sensor of your phone and DSLR/Mirrorless camera can also be damaged while capturing a Solar Eclipse. So, ensure that you are using a UV filter on your lens as the bare minimum. You can make a DIY UV protector using your sunglasses. Just hold the glasses in front of your smartphone lens and shoot away.

Make Use Of The Telephoto Lens Prowess

Now that safety is out of the way, let’s talk about the technicalities involved in creating good photos. Have you noticed that far-away objects like the Sun and the Moon appear abysmally small in photos captured using your primary smartphone camera lens or a wide-angle professional camera lens?

To capture objects like the Sun in good detail, switch to the telephoto lens to achieve that “compressed” look for your photos. Simply put, using a telephoto lens will make the Sun look bigger in your photos – Something that you desire while capturing something like a Solar Eclipse.

Have A Tripod Handy

Using a tripod will ensure that you can adjust your framing with ease. Not only will a tripod eliminate any shakes but will also ensure that your phone/camera stays in in the desired position. Also it is helpful that you have a remote shutter that lets you activate the shutter remotely.

Get Photos In RAW Format

As we all know, smartphones and professional cameras can capture in RAW but they also maintain enough dynamic range to work with, in post. Using RAW, you can enhance your images further by adjusting the highlights and shadows according to your liking.

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