Should You Avoid Consuming Strawberry Milkshake? Nutritionist Weighs In

Plump red and delightfully tangy, strawberry is one fruit that is loved by kids and adults alike. These berries are loaded with a myriad of health benefits and nutrients like vitamin C and antioxidants. What’s more, these delicious heart-shaped delights contain little to no fat, have zero cholesterol and are sodium-free! But aside from its benefits, it is because of its beautiful pinkish colour and versatility that it is perfect to incorporate into several smoothies and desserts. One of the most popular strawberry drinks is strawberry milkshake which you can make with simple ingredients at home. But should its two-star ingredients – strawberry and milk – be mixed together?

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If you are someone who experiences digestive issues after consuming a strawberry milkshake, then this article is for you. Author and Ayurvedic health coach Dr Dimple Jangda (@drdimplejangda) shared a video on her Instagram handle explaining why you shouldn’t mix strawberries and milk together.

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Should You Mix Strawberries With Milk?

Author and Ayurvedic health coach Dr Dimple Jangda (@drdimplejangda) shared two reasons as to why you shouldn’t mix strawberries with milk.

1. Strawberry Is An Acidic Fruit

Dr Jangda shares that strawberries, which are one of the most famous berries, have a pH level of three to three point five. Milk, on the other hand, has a pH level close to seven, meaning it’s neutral in nature. When you mix acidic food groups with milk, it starts breaking.

2. Strawberry And Milk Coagulate Slowly

As mentioned above, strawberry is an acidic fruit and is rich in malic, salicylic, elegiac, and citric acid. However, over 80-88 per cent of found in strawberries is citric acid. This particular acid causes milk to coagulate and break. A common example of this is when you make paneer at home. But strawberry and milk, when mixed, coagulate very slowly. So when you consume it, you can have digestive issues like acid reflux, heartburn, allergic reactions and even skin issues.

Why Does Paneer (Cottage Cheese) Not Affect Our Digestive System Like a Strawberry Milkshake?

When we make paneer (cottage cheese) at home, we add citric acid to milk. This leads to coagulation and we separate paneer from the whey. Dr Jangda explains that it is “healthy,” since we are eating paneer after it has already gone through the coagulation process. The author suggests eating fruit as a whole rather than mixing it with milk.

You can make several recipes from tasty strawberries

You can make several recipes from tasty strawberries.
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Strawberry Recipes You Can Try

Although Dr Dimple Jangda suggested not to consume strawberries and milk together, this does not mean you can’t enjoy the flavour of these tasty berries in other dishes. Here are some easy ways to enjoy strawberries.

1. Strawberry Papad

If you are a fan of fruit leathers, then strawberry papad is a must-try for you. Sweet and tangy, it is made with simple pantry ingredients and will surely become a hit with your kids. It is just like aam papad but with the beautiful colour and flavour of strawberries. Find the full recipe here.

2. Strawberry Basil Feta Salad

Make a refreshing salad for yourself by adding the tangy flavours of strawberries. Strawberry basil feta salad has fresh basil leaves that are tossed and dotted with freshly made vinaigrette. This salad will delight your taste buds like no other! Find the full recipe for Strawberry Basil Feta Salad here.

3. Strawberry Jam

Have you been buying store-bought strawberry jams? Then it’s time to skip it. Make an easy DIY strawberry jam at home without the preservatives. The best part is that you can modify it to your taste. Give your mornings a berrilicious kickstart and make this strawberry jam today! Find the full recipe here.

4. Strawberry Chocolate Cake

Who doesn’t love a heavenly slice of chocolate cake? This recipe comes with an added goodness of strawberries. It is super moist and spells indulgence in every bite. Make sure to sprinkle some icing sugar on top of it and enjoy! Find the full recipe here.

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What else do you like to eat strawberries with? Let us know in the comments below!

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