Saira Banu recalls Eid memories with Dilip Kumar, drops a reel featuring industry celebs -Amitabh Bachchan and family, Lata Mangeshkar, Salman Khan and many more – WATCH video | Hindi Movie News

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Saira Banu never fails to give a treat to all the fans of Dilip Kumar, through her priceless anecdotes and pictures, videos she shares on social media. On every occasion, festival or any birthday, Banu has a treasure of moments to share with everyone! As it’s Eid today, the legendary actress recalled Eid memories with Dilip Kumar and other industry friends.
She shared a note, along with a reel which features Dilip Kumar with many of his closest friends and industry insiders – from Lata Mangeshkar, Sunil Dutt, Dharmendra, The Bachchans, Salman Khan among others. Saira wrote, “From our childhood, which we spent partly in India and partly in London, my brother Sultan Bhai and I had the freedom to celebrate all festivals and participate in the celebration of all joyful occasions in the neighborhood, irrespective of the nationality and faith of the revelers. When we returned to India after completing high school in London, we surprised all our family members.”
The actress revealed that they would easily slip into customs and traditions from the cosmopolitan Mumbai life. “We were so strongly rooted in our Indian culture and customs that we didn’t need to be told what the festivals were about. We slipped easily into the cosmopolitan social milieu of Mumbai. We ushered in the month of Ramadan, observed the fasts, and prayed as we should. We looked forward to Eid with eagerness to invite our friends to join in our celebration of the day.”
However, Eid became special for Saira after she got married to Dilip Kumar. “However, it was after my marriage to Dilip Saheb that Eid became an event for me. Our house became the center of celebration for all our friends in the film industry as well as the large social circle of friends from different walks of life and states of India. The house wore the look of a garden from a fairy tale, with floral decorations and bouquets sent lovingly to Saheb by his fans and well-wishers. A voluntary music band would arrive early in the morning to play songs from films, and we would wake up to the sound of drums and bugles,” she revealed.
The actress further said that their house would be open to all and the aroma of biryani and kheer would spread all over. “The visitors streamed in without restrictions, as it was an open house for the people who were our loyal admirers, friends, and extended family members. Saheb believes in sharing and giving, and nothing gives him more joy than being in the company of people who are simple and loving, like himself. The air would be filled with the aroma of biryani and kheer getting ready in the kitchen, and the visitors would overflow from the lobby and drawing room into the garden. Our celebrations were never complete without music and singing by a classical maestro,” said the actress.

On a concluding note, she revealed by wishing “Happy Eid” that she indeed has a wealth of memories made with her husband over the years. “I have a wealth of memories that will never fade away. Suffice it to say, thank you, dear friends, for the good times we enjoyed and continue to stay in our hearts. May we be blessed with peaceful times and a life full of good health and harmony,” said Saira.

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