Porsche Team Inspects Car That Killed 2 Techies In Pune, Says…

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The inspection by the Porsche team is part of the criminal investigation carried out against the teenager

A team from Porsche inspected the car that killed two engineers in Pune on May 19, in a case that has outraged the nation. The 17-year-old son of a Pune realtor, allegedly driving the Porsche Taycan drunk, rammed a man and a woman on a bike, killing them instantly. The teen’s parents and grandfather have been arrested in an investigation into a cover-up attempt.

The team from carmaker Porsche submitted a report today stating there were no issues with the car. The inspection by the Porsche team is part of the criminal investigation carried out against the teenager, who is in the remand home till Wednesday. 

The accident, which left software engineers dead, sparked nationwide outrage after the teen was granted bail within 15 hours of the accident on conditions widely seen as flimsy — a 300-word essay, 15 days of work with traffic police and psychiatric treatment and counselling for his drinking habit.

Soon after, the Juvenile Justice Board modified its order and sent him to an observation home.

The minor’s father, mother and grandfather were arrested over their alleged involvement in the crime. The teenager’s mother was arrested on June 1, after a probe revealed she allegedly swapped her blood sample with the boy’s during a medical test to determine whether the teenager was drunk or not. 

The police are also trying to recover the original blood sample of the minor, which was allegedly replaced to get him off the hook. Two doctors of the state-run Sassoon Hospital, including the head of the forensic department, have been arrested for allegedly switching blood samples to manipulate the report.

The police had taken custody of his father, a realtor arrested earlier in a related case, for allegedly being involved in the destruction of evidence. The accused’s grandfather has been sent to 14-day judicial custody for his involvement in the accident case. 

It is alleged that the grandfather and the father threatened their driver, snatched his phone and forcible kept him confined in their bungalow to force him to take responsibility for the crime. 

The teen, who is now in an observation home as the Juvenile Justice Board takes a call on the police request to try him as an adult, was caught on camera drinking shortly before the accident occurred and had allegedly spent Rs 48,000 at a pub.

During his interrogation, the teen has claimed an inability to recollect what happened that night, the sources have said.

Multiple FIRs have been registered in connection with the accident after the crime branch’s investigation revealed an elaborate plot to shield the teen accused.

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