Poha Recipes: 5 Different Ways You Can Make Your Favourite Poha For A Healthy Meal

Poha is an absolute breakfast essential for many people. Light, flaky flattened rice turned into an aromatic, flavourful dish, gives a refreshing jump-start to the day. Poha is consumed in almost every part of the country, each region having its own signature style of making poha. The most common way of making poha is by cooking it with curry leaves, mustard seeds, and peanuts and rounding it off with a dash of lemon juice. Are you already salivating? Poha is a go-to breakfast dish that takes minutes to prepare and is also fulfilling. It’s so delicious that we won’t mind having it every day, right?

If you agree with us, then we’ll help you fix a new poha dish every day. Poha is a versatile food that can be made in many ways. We came out with some of the easiest poha recipe ideas that are not state-specific and can fit all kinds of palates.

5 Different Ways Of Making Poha

1. Tangy Poha

There are two ways you can treat your taste buds to some tanginess in the morning for a fresh start. Add lots of tomatoes or curd, or both, while cooking poha. The addition of lemon juice will enhance the tartness of this dish.

2. Bread Poha

Break brown bread or white bread into tiny pieces and add them right in the end when your poha is almost cooked. Drizzle some water and mix well so that the bread and the poha take in all the flavours from the spices and lemon juice. You can also completely do away with rice and make this poha with bread only. Check out this easy recipe for making bread poha.

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Bread poha is a quick and yummy dish. Image Credit: iStock

3. Nuts Poha

Not just peanuts, you can pick from a range of dry fruits and add to your poha – almonds, cashews, raisins, walnut, the list is endless. The assortment of nuts will give a new dimension to your favourite poha.

4. Fruits Poha

If you haven’t tried it yet, we suggest you please do. Make your pick from cranberries, strawberries, dates, apples, and pomegranates. Here is a recipe for cranberry poha that you must try making.

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5. Veggie Poha

Pick one vegetable of your choice and make your poha around it. Spinach, potatoes, tomatoes, soya and other such veggies can be great options to give your poha a veggie angle. Take inspiration from this recipe of soya poha. In fact, you can also mix in all veggies of your choice and make it an all-out vegetable poha.

We are sure your regular poha must be dear to you. But some change once in a while can do no harm. So, pick your cue from the ideas above and cook poha in the best way possible.


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