PlayStation 5 Is Sony’s Most Profitable Console Ever: Know More

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PlayStation 5 has been minting money for Sony and its best-ever console

PlayStation 5 has been minting money for Sony and its best-ever console

The current gaming console from Sony has been regarded as its best-selling model in the history of PlayStation.

Sony PlayStation 5 is officially the company’s most profitable console generation till date. The announcement was made during the Sony Group’s Business Segment Meeting 2024. During the meeting, the two newly appointed CEOs of PlayStation, Hideaki Nishino and Hermen Hulst shared a presentation, in which revealed that the PS5 has generated $106 million between 2020-2023.

With an operating profit of $10 billion, PS5 has become the most successful PlayStation console ever in just three years. To compare, according to Automaton, between 2013 and 2019, the PS4 generation recorded sales of $107 billion with an operating profit of $9 billion.

These records indicate that the PS5 had generated better momentum than the previously launched console versions of the company.

As per a report by Automaton, around 7 million PS5 consoles were sold in FY 2020, the unit sales have increased year after year with a surprising 56 million PS5 units being sold in FY 2023 alone.

The report also suggested that the number of active consoles per month is also increasing and both PS5 and PS4 have around the same number of active consoles (approx. 49 Million each).

Earlier, several reports also suggested that Sony is planning to launch a “refreshed” version of their PS5 consoles, named the PS5 Pro later this year.

Also, another report suggested that the next iteration of the GTA series, the Grand Theft Auto VI will be coming exclusively for the PS5, X-Box Series X/S and the anticipated PS5 pro versions only next year.

So from a marketing point of view, it makes sense that the sales for the PS5 will gradually increase next year too, as gaming enthusiasts worldwide have been waiting for GTA VI with bated breaths.

As per the report, around 50 percent of the PS console users are still using the PS4 version which lacks the required hardware to run GTA VI. This indicates that the users will need to upgrade their consoles to PS5 or they will not be able to play the game.

In India, the pricing for the PS5 gaming consoles are available in two versions i.e. Disc and Digital Edition. The PlayStation 5 Disc Edition costs Rs 54,990, while the Digital Edition is priced at Rs 44,990.

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