Person Gets Warning Mail From HR For Stealing “Coffee Pouches, Sugar Sachets And Maggi” From Office Pantry

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Our time at the office is filled with delightful food memories. From taking tea breaks to enjoying lunch with our favourite colleagues, office pantry food often brings joy to our workplace. However, someone received a warning letter from HR for stealing coffee pouches, sugar sachets, Maggi packets, and even disposable plates and forks from the office pantry. Well, that’s what happened to a friend of a LinkedIn user, as claimed in a post. The incident was shared on the social media platform LinkedIn where the user posted a screenshot of the HR email. It stated, “Many of your colleagues have also reported that you and Shreya carry coffee pouches, sugar sachets, Maggi, forks and disposable plates from the pantry for personal use. Please note, that stealing products from office property is strictly prohibited.”

The user claimed that their friend was also warned about spending time on Instagram, Netflix, and shopping sites. The HR added, “It has come to our attention that you are utilising the company’s time, electricity and internet to visit websites unrelated to your job responsibilities, specifically websites such as Instagram, Netflix, Naukri and also, you spent 6 hours on AJIO last Friday, 31st May. Engaging in personal activities during working hours does not align with our expectations. Please remember, we already gave you a casual warning last week when you were caught watching Babil Khan Interviews while on duty.”

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While sharing the post, the user wrote, “One of my friends received a warning from her HR for using Instagram during work hours.”

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After taking a look at the post, many people shared their reactions in the comment section.

A user wrote, “I think the HR felt much hurt while seeing the Naukri portal rather than stealing coffee or anything … Stealing company resources – it’s casual…As it’s a hybrid model then how can she perform.”

Another one added, “This friend should be very grateful for the fact that she hasn’t been fired already.”

Many wrote, “I fully support HR here!”

“The irony of ‘we are a family’ culture,” read a comment.

Someone said, “Engaging in theft, regardless of the scale, is unacceptable behaviour that undermines trust and integrity in the workplace.”

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