Orange Ice Cream For Rs.5? Take Note Of Internets Opinion Before Trying It

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Summers are incomplete without ice-creams. Be it a chocolatey sundae or a fresh vanilla scoop on a crunchy cone — digging into the sugary delight is an instant way to get refreshed from the scorching heart. Don’t you miss the good old days when ice-creams were cheap? Guess what, there is a hidden streetside stall in Delhi serving the dessert at less than Rs 10. Food vloggers Hanshul and Ishita dropped the video on Instagram introducing desis to slurpy Orange Ice cream sticks at just rupees 5. 

The clip begins with a man pouring two mugs of sugar into a steel container. He adds a generous quantity of water and stirs it well. Wondering how the vibrant orange hue is achieved? Well, a few drops of food colouring is all it takes it seems. Moving forward, the man spilled the liquid into a set of crate mold boxes with the help of a sieve. How else will the solution take the shape of a popsicle, right? Sticks were inserted into them and voila! Orange ice cream sticks are ready to tantalise your tastebuds. 

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Many were skeptical about trying the ice cream because of its high sugar content and flavour-enhancing tactics. 

“Ice cream for 5 rupees and hospital bill for 5 lakhs,” commented an individual sarcastically but with a witty incline. 

Holding the food department accountable, a health-conscious person wanted to know why the authorities were “not taking any action on them (as) it’s clearly a poison.”

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“It’s basically orange-coloured frozen sugar water. It’s not orange ice cream,” pointed out an Instagrammer. 

A person called the preparation “very harmful” for “ adding colours and flavours”

“Orange ice cream without orange and cream,” highlighted a keen observer. 

“Hygiene left the chat” read a disapproving remark. 

In the middle of this, someone opined that the ice cream sticks were very “unhygienic”

Would you still like to give it a try? 

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