Netanyahu “Insists” On Hamas Elimination & Hostage Return Amid US, Coalition Pressure On Gaza Truce

The situation in Gaza continues to deteriorate as Israeli airstrikes on June 3rd claimed at least 11 lives, including those of 3 children and one woman, amid ongoing violence and the dwindling functionality of hospitals in the war-torn region. This escalation occurs despite ongoing discussions of a possible ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, which have yet to yield any concrete commitments.US President Joe Biden recently proposed a three-phase plan intended to end the conflict, secure the release of hostages, and initiate the reconstruction of Gaza without Hamas in power. The plan, announced on May 31st, has faced mixed reactions from both Israeli officials and Hamas.In Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is under significant pressure, balancing between public support for the ceasefire deal and threats from coalition partners to dismantle the government if the deal proceeds as published. National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir voiced strong opposition, deeming the deal as conceding to Hamas and calling it a reckless move that could lead to defeat.President Biden has reassured Israel that the plan poses no additional security risks, urging Netanyahu to agree. The first phase of the plan, which Netanyahu mentioned on June 3rd, involves a limited hostage release by Hamas and could proceed without full agreement on subsequent stages. Netanyahu emphasized the importance of maintaining the war’s objectives, particularly the elimination of Hamas, while pursuing hostage returns.Mediators from the U.S., Qatar, and Egypt have urged both Hamas and Israel to finalize the agreement. The White House National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby expressed optimism that Israel would accept the proposal if Hamas agrees.As negotiations continue, the humanitarian crisis in Gaza worsens, with the conflict now approaching its ninth month and severely impacting the 2.4 million residents of the coastal territory.

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