MTV Splitsvilla X5’s Arbaz Patel Confirms His Relationship With Leeza Bindra

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Arbaz Patel said he started dating Leeza after the show concluded. (Image Credits: Instagram/mr.arbazpatel)

Arbaz Patel said he started dating Leeza after the show concluded. (Image Credits: Instagram/mr.arbazpatel)

Nayera Ahuja accused Arbaz Patel of being in a relationship even before he participated in the show.

MTV Splitsvilla X5 is captivating viewers with its engaging twists and eliminations. It is proving to be one of the most engaging seasons of the popular reality show. Amidst the show’s drama, contestants like Arbaz Patel and Nayera Ahuja have been grabbing headlines. Recently, Nayera accused Arbaz of already being in a relationship before joining the show. However, Arbaz Patel has refuted these claims and revealed that he is currently in a relationship with Leeza Bindra.

In an interview with Pinkvilla, Arbaz Patel stated that Nayera’s claims of him being in a relationship before participating in the show were “untrue”. He said, “Leeza and I were not in a relationship before MTV Splitsvilla X5’s shoot. We did like each other but never confessed the same because we wanted to focus on our respective careers.” He added that they have known each other for about five years and often make content together since it engages the viewers. “We were not dating nor were we engaged or married, as many people are claiming,” he said.

Arbaz further shared that he started realising his feelings for Leeza while he was competing on the show. Arbaz added that he had shared with Nayera Ahuja that he was not fully interested in the show as his mind was “somewhere else.”

“I couldn’t fall in love with anyone. When the shoot was over and we returned home, I thought to give my feelings for Leeza a chance,” he said. Surprisingly, Leeza reciprocated his feelings, and together they decided to embark on a relationship. However, as Arbaz clarified, this all transpired after the show concluded.

Talking about being with Nayera Ahuja on the show, Arbaz Patel stated he only chose her because she was a strong competitor. He explained that Nayera had expressed her focus on winning rather than finding love on the show. He thought both of them had similar ideologies. Arbaz mentioned that on the show he wanted to look convincing and therefore gave her a bracelet that would show his genuine interest. However, he told the portal, “This is because we already had this conversation wherein we were sure about not wanting ‘love’ in the show. I didn’t know it will become such a big deal and that the gesture will be misinterpreted.”

Arbaz concluded by emphasizing that there was no justification for tarnishing his reputation when both he and Nayera were clear about their objectives.

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