Mothers Day Special: People Share Why Maa Ke Haath Ka Khana Is The Best Food Ever

Mother’s Day, celebrated this year on May 12, 2024, is a day for children to give that extra love and thankfulness to their moms by appreciating them in their own ways. It is mom’s powerful love that makes her children feel extra special — no matter where they go, who they become or how much older they get. There is an unmatchable warmth and care in mom’s big hugs and kisses, and the million things she does for her children. One of these things is mom’s delicious cooking that we grew up eating. It may not be wrong to say that ‘mom’s cooking’ is a separate cuisine altogether, one made with love as the foundational ingredient. This Mother’s Day, NDTV Food asked people what makes ‘maa ke haath ka khaana‘ special for them. Here’s what they have to say:

Mayanka Palashya, 25, English Professor at Vikram University, Ujjain:

Mumma gleefully talks about her food, how she grows most of what she cooks, it’s clean and organic and goes on and on about everything food. The one thing that she claims is her biggest cooking achievement is when you can follow the scent of her cooking and it brings you to the kitchen where mumma is cooking. When I go home, my mornings are filled with the aroma of the food prepared in the kitchen, air thick with love, nostalgia and lots of garam masala. 

“She loves her food as much as I do. Everything I know about cooking comes from my mumma. As a grown woman living on my own, preparing for the most basic food items comes with a pang of nostalgia.

“Ever since I was a child, my mother always asks, “How will you know the food is made by me? Can you recognise your mumma’s cooking?” I would gleefully answer, “Yes! Of course”. I didn’t know how until I grew up and started cooking on my own. I copy her exact recipes and measurements and yet the food comes slightly different than hers. Turns out all the mummas have their particular magic ingredient. Maybe it is love or it’s being a mother.”

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Rishi Deswal, 32, Senior Section Engineer, Ministry of Railway:

“Since I have started living away from home, now any food which is cooked by my mother is my favourite. Earlier it was ‘kadi chawal’, ‘dum biryani’, ‘sarson ka saag’, ‘bajre ki roti’ and most special ‘Desi ghee ka Churma’. There is an essence in the food cooked by your mother. With all the ingredients, she puts in one special ingredient which is love. When you eat it, you feel all of it. Believe me, you can get a taste anywhere but the essence of love is only in the food cooked by your mother.”

Akshat Nandwani, 14, a student at Delhi International Public School:

“The key ingredient in ‘maa ke haath ka khaana‘ is the love and effort that they put in. After a tiring day, all you need is a meal which makes the day worth it. No matter how good the restaurant is, it can’t beat the meal made by a mom with love and care.”
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Mayank Kumar, 28, based in Lucknow and studying in Delhi:

Maa ke haath ka khaana is sukoon (solace). It is not always what she makes but how she does. Always adds a little extra filling in the aloo paratha because that’s her way of adding love. Making pakodis a little extra crispy or chai kadak with two types of tea and ginger because that’s the way I like it. 

Maa would prepare my favourite foods, and ask, “What should we have next, beta?” I would reply, “Anything you feel like, maa.” And the next meal again would be one of my favourites.

“Ever since I’ve started living away from her in Delhi, every time I visit home, I’m greeted with a warm hug, and accompanying that is the aroma of freshly cooked aloo parathas. That’s maa’s way of welcoming me home.”

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Suni Taneja, 59, Homemaker:

“On Mother’s Day, I want to send my love to my mother by appreciating her most amazing food. Although she is not able to cook now because of old age, the taste of her food is still fresh in my mind. It will stay there forever. 

I remember as a child, my friends used to eagerly wait for me to open my lunchbox so that they could enjoy her melt-in-mouth food. If you ask me my favourite, I would say the mutton made by her. I and my siblings used to encircle the kitchen again and again till it got ready in an open big pot (not in a pressure cooker). Imagine the mouth-watering, melting mutton made by a pure vegetarian person. Isn’t it miraculous? She is the best cook who puts passion first and then all other ingredients in a dish.”
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Vaani Goel, 10, a student at Maxfort School:

“Food that my mom makes is better than any restaurant food. She may not be the best chef but in our food, along with some spices, she mixes the energy of her laughter, sweetness and love. That is why ‘maa ke haath ka khaana‘ is famous all over the world.”

What is your favourite thing about your mom’s cooking? Share with us in the comments section. Happy Mother’s Day 2024!

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