Mother Of Man Hit By Porsche Driven By Pune Teen

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Savitha Awadhiya, mother of Aneesh Awadhiya who died in the Pune Porsche accident.

She kept her composure for the first few questions. Then gave in at the fourth minute and burst into tears. The woman was answering questions about her son, who was killed in the horrific Porsche crash in Pune in the early hours of Sunday.

Usne mere bachhe ki jaan le li. Mera bachha mujhse door ho gaya. Ab kabhi nahi mil paaungi main usse (He killed my son. Now, I will never be able to meet my son),” said a crying Savitha Awadhiya, mother of Aneesh Awadhiya who died in the accident. 

Three days after bail was granted to the Pune teenager upon the condition that he write an essay on accidents, the Juvenile Justice Board on Wednesday modified its order and sent him to a remand home till June 5.

Ladke ki galti hai, hatya bhi keh sakte hai usko. Kyunki agar usne itni badi galti nahi ki hoti toh aaj kisi ki jaan na jaati. Agar thoda bhi uske ghar waalo ne mana kiya hota ki aisa nahi karte hain toh aaj mere bete ki jaan bachi hoti. Ye seedhe seedhe hatya kehlati hai  (“It is the boy’s mistake, you can even call it murder, because if he had not made such a big mistake, no one would have died. If only his family members had paid attention, then today my son would have been alive. This is straight up murder,” said Ms Awadhiya.

The 17-year-old Pune boy, celebrating his Class 12 results, was drinking with his friends hours before the accident, showed a video. CCTV footage from Cosie bar showed happy scenes all around with the table crowded with alcohol bottles.

Kadi se kadi saja milni chahiye. Bahut bachane ki koshish kar rahe hai woh apne bachhe ko. Paise waale hain isiliye sochte hain ki hum apne bachhe ko kahin se bhi bacha ke nikal sakte hain. Lekin mera bachha toh gaya hai na (He should face strictest punishment. They are trying very hard to save him. They are people with money and think can save their son. But my son died),” she said, appealing the Maharashtra government to help her get justice.

The Pune police commissioner said it is clear that the boy, son of a prominent realtor, was driving under the influence of alcohol. Several witnesses have said the teenager and his friends were heavily drunk.

The police are trying to build a watertight case, the top cop said on Tuesday. 

“He visited us in May on the 3rd. It was my anniversary. So he was visiting us. He left on the 5th,” said Ms Awadhiya on her last meeting with her son.  

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