‘Modi ki Guarantee’: 17 Indian Workers Rescued From Unsafe Conditions In Laos Returning Home

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17 Indian workers, lured into unsafe and illegal work in Laos, are on their way back home. (Image: Jaishankar/X)

17 Indian workers, lured into unsafe and illegal work in Laos, are on their way back home. (Image: Jaishankar/X)

Indian workers ensnared in illicit employment in Laos are being repatriated. Indian embassy rescues citizens trapped in cyber fraud

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar on Saturday informed that 17 Indian workers who had been ensnared in unsafe and illicit employment in Laos are on their way back home. This recuse bid comes as Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) cautioned Indian nationals against falling prey to human traffickers promising lucrative job opportunities in Cambodia.

After the successful rescue of Indian nationals, Jaishankar said in a social media post, “Modi ki Guarantee” works for all at home and abroad, a phrase often used by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. “17 Indian workers, lured into unsafe and illegal work in Laos, are on their way back home. Well done, @IndianEmbLaos. Thank Lao authorities for their support for the safe repatriation,” Jaishankar said in a post on social media platform X.

‘Be Aware of Fake Jobs’

Many Indian nationals are being deceived into employment in Thailand or Laos, particularly in positions such as ‘Digital Sales and Marketing Executives’ or ‘Customer Support Service’ by deceptive firms involved in call-center scams and cryptocurrency fraud in Laos’ Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone.

Agents in Dubai, Bangkok, Singapore, and India lure individuals with promises of high salaries, hotel accommodations, and visa assistance, only to illegally transport them into Laos from Thailand and coerce them into harsh working conditions without proper permits. Numerous Indians have fallen victim to human traffickers, finding themselves ensnared in strenuous labor and subjected to physical and mental torment. Despite facing perilous circumstances, several Indian nationals have been rescued from these dire situations.

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‘Promises of lucrative job’

In an advisory issued on Thursday, the MEA called upon Indians looking at job opportunities in the Southeast Asian country to thoroughly check the background of the prospective employer. “It has come to attention that Indian nationals, lured by fake promises of lucrative job opportunities in Cambodia, are falling into the trap of human traffickers,” it said.

The ministry said these Indian nationals are “coerced” to undertake online financial scams and other illegal activities. “Indian nationals intending to visit Cambodia for employment are cautioned to do so only through authorised agents. It is also advised that the background of the prospective employer in Cambodia is checked thoroughly,” it said.

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Over 250 Indians Rescued

Last week, the Indian government said it was rescuing its citizens who were lured into employment in Cambodia and were being forced to participate in cyber fraud schemes. The Indian embassy in Cambodia is working with Cambodian authorities and has rescued and repatriated about 250 Indians, including 75 in the last three months, the MEA spokesperson said in a statement on last Saturday. Jaiswal was responding to Indian news reports that stated more than 5,000 Indians are trapped in Cambodia and being forced to carry out cyber frauds on people back home.

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