Microsoft Copilot AI Gets New Features Like ‘Auto-Complete’, ‘Rewrite’ And More

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Microsoft Copilot with help you with basic tasks like auto-correct

Microsoft Copilot with help you with basic tasks like auto-correct

The Copilot AI tool is available on Windows 11 and some of the new AI PCs also have a dedicated copilot button.

Microsoft has announced that they are all set to introduce new features that will help writers with improved prompts, and they will get more help with the AI chatbot. Microsoft is working on several new features, all designed to assist in improving Copilot results.

Some of these features include auto-complete, rewrite, and catch-up. Apart from that, the company is also working on creating a Copilot Lab that will help create tailor-made prompts for people’s specific work needs. Microsoft will also let Copilot for Microsoft 365 subscribers create, publish, and manage prompts in Copilot Lab that can be tailored for individual teams in businesses.

One of the latest features of Microsoft AI is called the ‘auto-complete’ feature. This feature suggests that whenever a user is writing a prompt, Copilot will give suggestions to complete the sentence. For instance, if a user types ‘summarise’, the chatbot will show ‘last ten emails’ and several other suggestions.

The user can then pick one of them and quickly get to the result. Another new feature is the ‘rewrite’ feature. This feature will take a simple prompt and make it more detailed. This feature helps the users fine-tune Copilot’s response. This means that when the user has written a basic description of what they want, it will modify it to add more details, specific instructions, and elaboration to help the AI get the right context.

Another new enhancement in Microsoft AI is the ‘catch-up’ feature. This catch-up feature will provide users with personal insights and recommendations that are based on the users’ recent activities. For instance, if a user has an upcoming meeting, it will suggest the user go through the notes related to it. These features will only be available to paid users of Microsoft 365 in the coming months.

Recently, Microsoft has analysed and surveyed thousands of businesses to understand their usage of AI. They have found that 78 percent of AI users are bringing their own AI tools to work, instead of waiting for organisations to roll out tools.

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