Meta Confirms Photo Sharing On Messenger App Now Supports 4K Quality: What It Means

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The app got HD photo sharing in 2017 but now you can truly make use of the feature

The app got HD photo sharing in 2017 but now you can truly make use of the feature

Messenger app got HD photo sharing in 2017 but the feature did not work as advertised by default. That is changing now with support for 4K photos sharing.

Meta has made a big fix in its 4K photo sharing feature on Messenger that most of you probably didn’t know about. The platform originally launched the option to share HD photos back in 2017 but Meta says you can share HD photos on the Messenger now.

Wait.. what does that even mean? The company says HD means 4K which is the actual 4K quality that we see these days. So, what did Messenger support for over 7 years? The company was quoted saying in this report that, earlier 4K quality was subjective to your network quality and was also compressed to allow the sharing to happen quicker.

But the new avatar of HD photo sharing on Messenger is the real deal, which means, no compression and you just have to tap on the HD button, similar to what people can do on WhatsApp these days to send the photos in high resolution. If you don’t enable the HD button before sharing a photo, the default resolution for photo sharing will be 2K quality.

It is funny that Meta has taken 7 years to fix the feature on Messenger but the timeline also suggests its preference to make the feature available on WhatsApp first and then bring it over to other apps in its ecosystem. The sharing upgrades on Messenger don’t end there.

You can now share files up to 100MB on the app, which is 4 times more than the 25MB limit, but still way below the 2GB sharing limit on WhatsApp. Messenger will also get a sharing album feature, which sounds like a dated addition but it is finally here. Some of the features on Messenger will be rolling out over the coming weeks.

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