Mangal Lakshmi Actress Deepika Singh Suffers Blood Clot In Right Eye Due To Extreme Heat

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Mangal Lakshmi airs on Colors TV. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Mangal Lakshmi airs on Colors TV. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Deepika Singh developed a clot in her right eye due to the extreme temperature. She experienced eye irritation while filming the show.

Deepika Singh is a prominent face in the Indian Television industry and is well known for playing Sandhya Rathi in Diya Aur Baati Hum. She is currently working on the show Mangal Lakshmi and following an intense schedule in the sweltering heat of Mumbai. Reportedly, due to the extreme temperature, the actress developed a clot in her right eye. According to reports, she experienced eye irritation while filming the television series.

As per a report by the Hindustan Times, while Deepika Singh felt an irritation in her eye during the shoot, her co-star noticed a red blood clot in her right eye. She shared, “Within half an hour, I rushed for a doctor consultation and was put on medication -ointments and eye drops- immediately.” The actress stated that the doctor informed her that she had injured her eye and would take five days to recover. Further, she has been advised not to strain her eyes or use glycerine or other eye products.

Deepika added that it is a little difficult for her as, “I have a lot of crying scenes and as an actor, your eyes are your biggest asset to convey emotions. The clot is in my right eye, so we are making sure to take most of my shots from the left profile in this unavoidable situation. It’s hampering the shoot, but the show must go on.” The actress stated that she had been shooting for so many years but this is the first time it has happened. Deepika blamed the heat for her condition. She added that she is dealing with the heat by being on a liquid diet and consuming coconut water, buttermilk, and electrolytes while avoiding tea. Further, she mentioned keeping her eyes closed when not in front of the camera. The actress said she cannot take off as a crucial wedding is being shot and must be present in most scenes.

Mangal Lakshmi, which airs on Colors TV continues to enchant viewers with its emotionally charged plot. The show focuses on two sisters, Mangal and Lakshmi. Mangal, played by Deepika Singh, is the guardian and confidante of her sister Lakshmi, played by Sanika Amit.

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