Man, Wife Brutally Beat Grandmother With Stick For Not Cooking Properly

Man, Wife Brutally Beat Grandmother With Stick For Not Cooking Properly

The couple has been arrested.


A gut-wrenching video of a man and his wife mercilessly assaulting his paternal grandmother with a stick in Bhopal went viral on Wednesday, leading to the arrest of the couple as they were trying to flee the city. The trigger for the inhumane treatment was the woman – who appears to be at least in her 70s – not cooking food to the couple’s liking, said police officials. 

The man and his wife are residents of Bhopal’s Jahangirabad area and, neighbours said, it was common to hear them beating up the woman, who was a widow. The video of the latest assault was shot secretly by a neighbour from the window of the couple’s house and it went viral on Wednesday morning.

The video shows the woman sitting on the floor of the house as she is confronted by her grandson, who is sitting in front of her, and her granddaughter-in-law, who is on the edge of a bed. After berating her, the younger woman twists the older woman’s arm. As she begins to scream, her grandson holds her down in his lap and covers her mouth. 

His wife then begins hitting her repeatedly with a stick. After an agonisingly long time, the man lets his grandmother go, only to elbow her in the back as his wife hits her on the head with the stick, before pinning her down again. 

After the video was widely circulated, the Jahangirabad police began looking for the couple and caught them as they were attempting to leave the city. 

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