Karan Johar: Farah Khan REACTS to Karan Johar’s ‘chamkila’ fashion sense: ‘He steals outfits from dancers after every movie’

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Karan Johar and Farah Khan often give fans a glimpse of their genuine bond as friends, and their off-screen rapport. They seize every opportunity to tease each other on various platforms.
Farah made a playful comment about Karan’s fashion sense and joked about their ‘secret relationship.
Farah recently appeared on the YouTube channel Chinki Minki, where she humorously remarked that Karan was having a secret affair with her.She quickly ended the joke by mimicking Chunky Panday’s character from ‘Housefull’ and clarified that it was all in good fun.Farah opened up about the flamboyant wardrobe that Karan Johar owns. She added that he owns another apartment to keep half of his clothes and that the wardrobe is the same size as the one seen in the video previously shared on Instagram. She said that he steals outfits from dancers after every shoot because dancers’ clothes are ‘chamkila.’

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Farah revealed the estimated value of his wardrobe by stating that she shops from Lokhandwala Market or Zara and Max. Her most expensive clothes are from Zara, so she doesn’t know the worth of Karan Johar’s clothes. She would love to have a show with Karan to discuss the clothes, value, brands, and more from his closet.
A few months ago, Farah shared a video of Karan’s wardrobe in which there were a lot of ‘chamkila outfits.’ As she asked about why he keeps such outfits, he criticized her fashion sense. The video, shared through Farah’s Instagram account, also featured Karan’s room with a unique interior.
watch the video here:

Farah shared the video with the caption, “Sunday BLING for all #Karah fans! @karanjohar’s new closet is just UNBELIEVABLE!! #oldfriendsarethebestfriends.” Karan replied to this, “We need a show!!!”

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