‘It’s like Fermi Paradox’: Space X founder Elon Musk on existence of aliens

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NEW DELHI: Space X founder Elon Musk expressed skepticism regarding the existence of aliens, emphasizing the need for tangible evidence before backing such a notion at a Space X. Musk’s comments, addressing the existence of aliens and the viability of Mars as a colonization option, offered insights into the company’s quest for exploration beyond Earth’s bounds.
Questioning the presence of aliens and expressing skepticism until tangible proof is presented, Musk said, “When you think about where are the aliens, which is a question I get asked a lot, this is like the Fermi Paradox, where are the aliens and I have not seen any evidence that there are aliens on earth. A lot of you will think there are aliens on earth and I would like to meet one,”
Musk further contemplated the timeline of human civilization against the backdrop of Earth’s history and highlighted the relatively brief span of human existence in contrast to the vast age of the universe. Drawing from archaeological evidence, he underscored the significance of writing as a marker of civilization, emphasizing its recent emergence in the grand scheme of time.
Musk suggested that the rarity of consciousness across the cosmos might explain the absence of observable extraterrestrial civilizations. “You need writing for civilization and it’s only been around for a little over 5000 years out of 4.5 billion years that earth has been around. So all of human civilization is basically a blink of an eye. It’s nothing and that probably means that consciousness is incredibly rare and perhaps fleeting. It may not last for very long. I think otherwise we would have seen some form of aliens,” he added.
He further proposed that the expansion of humanity into space holds the key to unraveling the mysteries of the universe. “The most likely explanation is that consciousness is so rare and does that consciousness extend to another planet, another star system. Ultimately, if we are able to become a space-bearing civilization, a multi-planet species, and ultimately a multi-stellar species and go out there and explore all these star systems, I think we may find that there are many long-dead one-planet civilizations.”
Musk emphasized the urgency of making humanity multi-planetary, with Mars emerging as the most viable option. He said, “The overarching goal of the company is extend life to another planet sustainably. Mars is the only other option really”
In his vision, the pursuit of interstellar exploration is not merely a scientific endeavor but a fundamental imperative for the survival and evolution of humanity. The SpaceX founder suggested that by venturing into the cosmos, humanity can transcend the limitations of a single planet and chart a course towards a future where science fiction becomes reality.

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