Ishita Dutta On Challenges With A Colicky Baby: ‘It Was So Overwhelming’

Ishita Dutta and Vatsal Seth welcomed Vaayu in July 2022. (Image Credits: Instagram/ishidutta)

Ishita Dutta and Vatsal Seth welcomed Vaayu in July 2022. (Image Credits: Instagram/ishidutta)

Ishita Dutta shared insights into different scenarios and how she navigated through those challenging moments with her son, Vaayu.

Ishita Dutta, alongside her husband Vatsal Seth, is enjoying the beautiful phase of parenthood. They welcomed their son Vaayu in July 2022. Regularly sharing glimpses into this new chapter of her life on Instagram, Ishita recently opened up about the challenges of caring for a colicky baby. In a heartfelt post, the Bepanah Pyaar star shared moments from her daily routine with Vaayu, highlighting their walks, cuddles, and shared naps. The post not only showcased their mother-son bond but also provided a candid look into the realities of caring for a newborn.

The Drishyam actress revealed, “They say this is the best phase so enjoy it while it lasts. Those tiny hands and feet, those random laugh and funny expressions I am going to miss this so much, he is growing up too fast. But let me tell you what I am not going to miss. Those sleepless nights, him crying for hours and me not able to comfort him and watching him in pain. This one is for all the moms with colicky babies. I feel you and I want to say that you’re not alone. It was so overwhelming and it took me so much time to figure out what was wrong and I still couldn’t take away the pain. But this is what I did to comfort him. I switched to only breast milk, held him close and walked around for hours till the pain passed, warm baths and tummy massages, holding him upright for at least 30 minutes post feed.”

Ishita Dutta continued to share her parenting journey by revealing that her son, Vaayu, often found comfort in sleeping on her. She discovered that singing to him and taking car rides played a significant role in soothing him during challenging times. Emphasising the importance of love and patience, Ishita acknowledged that the settling process could take time. Looking back after five months, she expressed relief as her baby’s constant crying had ceased, and she could now witness his smiles. In a message of encouragement to fellow mothers, she reassured them that despite the initial hardships, things gradually improve over time.

In her caption, Ishita Dutta shared some practical tips based on her experience with her baby’s colic. Initially, she used to provide both top feed and breast milk, but she eventually switched solely to breastfeeding as the top feed wasn’t suitable for her baby’s condition. After trying various brands, at around three months of age, her baby finally accepted the breastfeed. Ishita also took advice from other mothers who faced similar challenges but claimed not all suggestions work for everyone, so trying different things and following one’s instincts is crucial. She even visited hospitals late night and recommends others to seek medical help if uncertain.

The actress shared that around 12-14 weeks, she noticed improvement in her baby’s colic, but acknowledged that each child takes different time. Despite occasional tough days, she mentioned that the situation has improved.

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